Multi-million dollar building about to be named incorrectly

Construction for accommodation is so common here in Da Nang that you just kind of accept that no matter where you go you are going to have to listen some sort of grinding, cutting, or hammering. You start to block it out in your mind and realize that it is not going to be quiet. At the same time if you expect that sort of thing than you need to ask yourself (if you live here) why it is that you moved to a city with a population of over a million to begin with.

That being said there is a new building quite near my house that is advertising the future name of their condo/hotel operation and I am wondering if I should contact them or just let them be cutely wrong about it.


South East Asia is filled with places that are springing up all over the place and honestly, I think there is a whole lot more money than there is sense rolling around because if you type "beautyful" into any program, including the one I am using to write this now, it is going to underline it because it is wrong. Sure, it is a very minor mistake that some people might find endearing; but if they truly end up putting permanent signage on this place referring it to as such there are going to be at least a few people that choose to not stay here based on this tiny error alone.


This building looks like it will be nice and they have been building it for a number of years. I have no idea how much money has went into it but I am sure it is a lot seeing as how where it is built is considered to be some of the most valuable real-estate in all of Vietnam.

Personally, if i was looking through a search engine in order to find a hotel in any area, I would tend to skip past the ones that couldn't even manage to spell the name of their own damn place correctly and I don't think I am alone in this. When someone tries to accommodate an international market (which they are clearly aiming for) they need to speak / understand a certain amount of international linguistics before I will believe that they are going to be a nice place for me to rest my head.

There is one side of me that really wants them to put this sign on the side of the place, perhaps in some sort of permanent fashion, and also a side of me that wants to reach out and let them know they have made a terrible mistake that while fickle, is very real.

What do you think?

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