Da nang returns to "fully unlocked"

Da Nang was unfortunately the focus of a bunch of news on a global scale as when a few new covid cases popped up the government quite aggressively shut down the entire city of a million people. Masks were enforced, movement was restricted to the point where you would be questions and / or turned back if you were simply trying to leave your neighborhood. Apps were developed to track movements and of course, the technology didn't work and most people didn't understand it / refused to use it anyway.

It was 5 weeks of basically being under house arrest and the few social gatherings we had needed to be pre-approved by the condo management and had to be a total secret as well as very quiet. We only did this twice. The city also underwent the testing of what they say was the entire population of 1 million people and I don't believe that this actually happened. I was there on my testing day and about 2,000 people were meant to have been tested that day. Unless the city hired an absolute army of testers, it would have taken a lot longer than a few weeks to pull this off for a million people.

Like a lot of things during Covid around the world, I think a lot of what is going on is purely for show and Public Relations on the part of the government. As of the start of last week the phased reopening of most things started, including the beaches.


At the moment there are no restrictions on anything and while you do occasionally see someone donning a mask, it is no longer required like it was before. I don't know where you stand on the mask debate and I don't know what to think but I do know that most of the people I know wore those cheap pharmacy masks, wore them incorrectly, and wore them for weeks at a time. If that is the mask tactic all the information I can find is that it is a waste of time wearing it at all unless you block a sneeze with one of them.

Anyway, I'm not going to try to start a debate about that because I don't know and neither do you.


The local professional football club is reopening its stadium for general admission this Saturday and this will be done with no restrictions at all. There will be no mask requirement, there will be no distancing measures of any sort and since I have been to quite a few of these things I can personally attest to the general lack of sanitation of any sort. That is just how stadiums are in poorer countries like this one. The good news is that it costs about $2 for a general admission ticket.

The bad news is that my team is one of the worst teams in the league and we kind of expect to lose almost any game but the fans still enjoy it. I know that I do and I don't really even care very much for the sport.

I hope this post finds you and yours in a situation where things are improving as far as Covid is concerned. For us, we were never really locked down all that hard until the international media caught wind of Vietnam's rather minor outbreak and 25 deaths or so. It was a little upsetting to me to see the fake news being represented all over the world about the "chaos" and "major outbreak" that was going on here when neither of those things were ever actually true.

At least we are on the right track now. Today I have plans to meet friends and drink beer on the beach, followed by almost certainly going to a pub.

I don't need much, but this is the sort of freedom that really appeals to me!

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