Appreciating Every Good Thing You Have Been Blessed With

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Life is a journey , a journey with a long way full of ups & downs. In other words , Life is of contrast ;
life is made up of contrasts ;
Happiness and sorrow.
-Success and Failure,
-Peace and war,
-love and hatred,
-laughter and joy,
-Light and darkness,
-sunshine and rainfall,
-Winter and summer,

-Abundance & scarcity,
-Friend & Enemy
-Anticipation and disappointment,
-working and leisure … etc
Yes! , all these occasions are bound to be experienced in our lives as human beings , for it is written and the bible says
in Eccle 3 :1-8 .


So, do not feel perturb whenever any of these occasions surface in your life. instead cheer up and be courageous to
face it , because every situation you face is life is to build you up stronger rather than tearing you down.
Be positive and courageous to see what lesson such situation want to teach you.
Also remember that , life is like a high school of learning where everything happens to you is to teach you and make you more wiser.
Challenges are like our friends not our enemies. Appreciating every single moment in life and especially every benefit you have for being
alive is a thing you should never take for granted.

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