Zamaxx "Eternity XO" is the Intoxicating Truth [Have you ever had those days]

Zamaxx "Eternity XO" is the Intoxicating Truth

Have you ever had those days, feeling like nothing matters & everything is confusion, ever been on drugs, syrup, prescription pills? Zamaxx is raw truth to this lifestyle, speaking on the eternal xo.. everyday.. getting high, different drugs.. no real friends.. no one truly cares, feeling like life is a fluke, a joke, suicide thoughts.. it's just art.. don't take it to the head kids.. This a emorap/ sad rap type song as Zamaxx explains on the track.. so many people only paint the good picture, while ignoring the raw truth.. dark thoughts that come along even when your living a life of love, destruction can be around the corner.. this world is just like that.. time to step up & be real with each other & our troubles. I can relate & I respect Zamaxx for making a song that touches on the darker side of life & what can be going through peoples heads while they pretend it's all great.

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