Vision202 MAKING WAVES with DOPE Fresh Rap Tracks

Vision202 MAKING WAVES with DOPE Fresh Rap Tracks

Vision202 is a Fresh Dope Rapper now making his way through the Music biz.. filled with flows & crazy styles, his music is catchy & modern.. up to date with the new hiphop releases, sounds & production are all on point. TIME is a great energetic track that gets me amped up, I listen to it while riding or working.. & it's pure motivation & good vibes.. One song "COME WITH VISION" reminded me of a Travis Scott track.. the production & frequencies did that though.. i still think Vision held his own style on the song.. 5STAR.. For me "Come with vision" is a go mode track.. encouraging everyone to go check out Vision202 now on their favorite places to stream & download music.. SUPPORT This authentic HipHop Artist now on the rise. Watch out for new releases & follow & stay tuned.


Time [Now streaming on Spotify]

Come with vision [Listen on Spotify]

Stars [Now streaming on Spotify & your fav music stores]

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