The NoSKooLiN Album by G-Terra is Now Available on All Digital Music Outlets


The NoSKooLiN Album is Now Available on All Digital Music Outlets

Hey Steemians, Much respect & love.. great day to everyone, I'm just dropping by to let you all know, My Album NoSKooLiN is now available on all major digital music outlets, please support & take a listen or download the full album. A totally different sound & feel from the regular everyday sound that's displayed on the radio 24/7z, The originality is definitely something to take notice of on this album, I didn't struggle with finding my own sound as Iv'e done this years ago, so every song is unique & stands on it's own. Some songs on the album speak on social topics such as world hunger, terrible governmental decisions, police crimes & more. I'm also shedding light on the facts that street life & drug dealing leads to countless deaths & incarceration within every country & nation. A Lot of the Album is Lyrically infused to bring a certain flavor that's now missing in Hip-Hop due to corporate industry shot callers... In My Opinion. Being independent I'm happy to express myself as i see fit, so most people who listen will see that I'm not trying at all to please the current hiphop radio fans, I'm making my own music with my own style & suave (The New wave). This is the first official Full HipHop/Rap Album released by me G-Terra. This album is well overdue as I've been rapping since the age of nine 9 years old for fun, then took the songwriting more seriously at about "14" fourteen years old. Being from Jamaica I Jumped into the Reggae-Dancehall market & made myself fully active, so because of that move, over the time most of my fans grew to know me as a reggae dancehall artist, but I started breaking the ice by dropping rap songs since 2006. My 1st Official Album release was The "ClockWork" Album & I plugged a couple rap songs in on the end of the album... just so I Could get my point across about being a diverse songwriter, whether or not people liked it that was my choice. Right now I'm extremely excited to bring you all another Independent Rap Album, All songs written, produced, Mixed, Mastered & published by me G-Terra. The NoSKooLiN Album is released under the indie label "Terra Ent Group". I'm looking forward to connecting with you music lovers out there, please feel free to listen & give a review or message me & give me your feedback personally. Download the Album & support it by sharing if you like it, this is totally independent, so please give it a push if you see value in this album.

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