Rakeem Turning heads with "NEW TRACK" iLL ADVISED

Rakeem Turning heads with "NEW TRACK" iLL ADVISED

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RAKEEM killed it, iLL ADVISED is a dope Classic Rap track, I'm still surprised to hear this flow right now, original & to the point, lyrical trips & wordplay i like to hear over & over, I had to rewind the track like 20 times when I first listened. The hook is dreamy & the whole song is relatable, i love the energy & truth in this song.. like when Rakeem says "I got responsibilities, got people to feed, fatherless, motherless hard to manage when I'm surrounded by so much liabilities" that's some deep stuff.. & in my position, it's like he's speaking my life in this rap tune.. Lost your closest homies" who hasn't been there? WOW.. Just Pure Lyrical Greatness, definitely not short of ability to give us HipHop Hits. We welcome the world to Listen & Get to know.. "RAKEEM" & Check out all his Music on your favorite places to stream & download music. I think the rapper has other dope tracks that many people will also love.. like "Asteroid Blues" & "Poison".. I love these songs alos & added them to permanent playlist on spotify. Also check out the Rakeem feature on the track "ON FEDERAL" with Ocean, the Saint... AMAZING TRACK. Calling out to people worldwide.. All the music mentioned is worth your listening ear. I have a great time riding around listening to Rakeem's tunes & feature, TAP IN.

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