Money Marcu$ - Hot New Upcoming Rapper From Dallas Texas [MAKING WAVES]

Money Marcu$ - Hot New Upcoming Rapper From Dallas Texas

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The Album has some dope catchy tunes like "RING RING" "OWN LANE" "High Class Trapper" & more.. A Great ride overall, we think the beats are dope & Money Marcu$ is all over the flow.. Filled with Great Production also.. Its A great vibe for me to cruise & smoke somn while rolling down the strip.. lets put this in a "Permanent playlist".

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Money Money Money.. who ain't gettin it... who not hustling.. Marcu$ won't be caught doing nothing.. the rapper is motivated in music & is independently taking it to higher levels without the majors right now.. very Proud of this Dallas native.. "MARRIED TO MONEY" The next release we can tune in & vibe to.. The Music overall is fun.. when i Listen.. I feel the excitement that the artist has to deliver on the beats,, & that's what keeps it moving. ENTHUSIASTIC FLOWS. Trapper Lifestyle, If you know about it.. you can tell money is a hustler & is now hustling in music.


OVERALL.. We think the artist is Dope & can hold his own in the music game. EVERYONE.. Take a chance & listen.. You won't regret it.. Rap music is oversaturated with many who sound the same... we can proudly say.. "Money stands out" with a different sound & a unique flow he sticks to on most tracks.. his own style it seems.. which is always a great thing.. authenticity is not missing from the projects.. ear worthy & catchy tunes will seek more attention, yet i think people can just turn to the appropriate volumes & listen through the whole catalog.

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