Judicious Broski's new Album "Broski Season" Is BANGIN!!!

Judicious Broski's new Album "Broski Season" is BANGIN!!!

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WHAT CAN I SAY... I Don't know Japanese but I know ASIAN GANG... Is a dope song.. still bouncing to it right now.. & every time I play it.. it's the same thing.. ASIAN GANG.. TURN UP.. I Love it.. I'm really proud to be working with a Japanese rapper now & this is amazing.. to hear such awesome flows & dope cadences from Japan rapper Judicious Broski who is now making major waves across the waters with these new tracks. I'm adding his #1 Track asian gang to my permanent spotify playlist & I recommend you do the same & give it some major play while going about your day. NOW AVAILABLE ON YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC STORES!!!

GREAT WORK Judicious Broski... Keep creating those dope tracks. FULL SUPPORT!!!

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