Follow S31KKEN now & check out the New EP "Homework"

Follow S31KKEN now & check out the EP Homework


This is Great Stuff.. Love the sounds by S31KKEN, very nice, appealing, grown, intricate.. I can vibe to all these tracks. This is new to my audience but I'm sure many will find the beats quite melodic & relaxing, setting a mellow tone for whatever the evening holds, other tracks more boom bap.. hiphop fused with jazz sounds, incredible, I loved every track from the "Homework" EP & I'm highly recommending everyone to go take a listen to it on your favorite music stores. This is a Unique piece of work & can be in every music lovers playlist due to the diversity of the releases. Way up & major credit to S31KKEN on this amazing release. (I'm downloading a couple tracks myself to support this amazing release.) Once again.. people don't pass this one up.. tune in.. tap in.. & soak up some of this awesomeness.


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