Cryingfromonions NEW song "Piss Poor" sounds like a INDIE HIT to me!!!

Artist: Cryingfromonions
Song: Piss Poor

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This took me by surprise as I listened & the melodies Got a hold of me.. a really solid story & I can definitely relate to the song, PISS POOR.. If you've never been there you could not tell the story.. A Real musician speaks from his soul here & if you listen you won't be able to deny the authenticity of this soloist. Cryingfromonions like the name is fresh both in sound & delivery.. the artist comes off very original & doesn't sound like the everyday pop artist.. Unique & controversial in lyrical abilities, the reach is universal & I know everyone who listens will catch a vibe & maybe even fall in love with the music.. We just want to wish Cryingfromonions all the best & give them all the support we can for the love of music's sake.. for the love of great song creation.. for the real.. AWESOME TALENT.


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PISS POOR (on Spotify)

All the Wrong People Love Me (On Spotify)


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