Chauncc The Official hittin with the "BARS" & Goin HARD

Chauncc The Official hittin with the "BARS" & Goin HARD


Chauncc is a Talented rapper, I knew it out the gate from listening to the first track "Geeked too" but when i searched through her channel so I could hear more tunes to get a better feel of "Chauncc The Official" I realized she's even way more talented, lyrically effective & diverse than i could imagine.. all the songs got dope lyrics & everything is great as far as presentation. The flows are off the chain for real but what makes her great to me is the vocals, a voice that's really unique right now, I think Chauncc could score a major deal if that's the route the artist wishes to take.. however i know that this also could be the uprising of a successful independent music career.. It's all a choice. I can be totally honest & say this, there's enough talent in this artist to take it any direction & have success because of the diversity, being able to transition as an artist can lead to multiple ventures & a boatload of music that will do the job of collecting fans/supporters on a global level.. I can see that happening for Chauncc. Overall I really love Chauncc's voice, I personally think this artist has a bright future as long as she continues to create music.. as it takes a while to make people believe in what your doing.. & consistency is the key to that so I would say.. Just keep making dope music. I added her links to my permanent youtube playlist & I recommend Chauncc to everyone.. take a listen.. add the music to your music playlists.. This is DOPENESS.. great vocals, great production & an awesome presentation.


Chauncc The Official - Geeked Too [Official Music Visuals]

Chauncc The Official - INVICTA

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