AFRICAN PRIDE (One Love Movement)

Out of Fear for us.. Many Hated us!!! We are still very loved.. but it is the fear we wish to overcome.. because we can only solve problems.. not answers.. The wise dwells on problematic situations that are fixed through reasoning & wrestling with spirits.. those with no insight cannot see this.. but think in an egotistic way.. as if your words could ever be about them.. though you speak in general for humanities upliftment.. some see knowledge as restriction from folly.. & won't keep their life. Men became fools for things other men created with their hands.. if they only they made a lil crew.. & started creating too! They would see the benefits & never hate another man for working hard at his own goals, every man has a destiny.

Know yourself!!! Don't Lose Yourself.. #KING
No little weak heart could ever rule us.. INI a di #LionHeart
Living a African History Life & embracing your culture.. many will turn against U.. as u push forward your true self.. The people who meant for u to be a brainless waste will be angry! Who is clean & not heavy hearted by envy? Only those with clean hands & a pure heart.. many false witnesses roam about & the only way a man can trick u is to pretend to be close to U.

The Highest Vibrations happen within your Spiritual self and By tuning in through meditation you can do many things with these vibrations such as heal yourself, rid the bad habits. Balance your Left and do Right. Channel more Lov, Live and free yourself from Debt and Death. GREAT DaY! Blessed Lov Pplz👑

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I love this, beautifully said. Luv you chargie and I’m extremely proud of you. Lots of love from your chargie, your #1 fan, your sister and your worldwide promoter😊🤗❤️🌍

15.01.2020 19:23

thx hon.. great loving sister!!!

15.01.2020 19:46