Entrance: COMPETITION Looking back / Looking forward 3.41 - Hopes... By g0h4mroot.

Entrance: COMPETITION Looking back / Looking forward 3.41 - Hopes... By @g0h4mroot.

I introduce myself my name is jonathan sanchez / @ g0h4mroot, I just joined today 04-01-2021, to this beautiful community.


the title and all the posts found here caught my attention ...
I think I have found something very valuable in this section!
the title look back looking ahead has impressed me! I am someone very restless, every day I get up and look in the mirror thinking what I could do with my life, I want to find the meaning of my life, I want to change a little bit of the world, I look in the mirror and I think what another effort I should make, He asked me if I am happy with what he achieved and many times I think I am not satisfied.

one day I heard a lecture by Steve Jobs, in Stanford;
[https://mercadeoglobal.com/blog/textos-del-celebre-discurso-de-steve-jobs-en-la-universidad-de-stanford/#:~:text=Tengo%20el%20honor%20de%20estar,tres%20historias%20de%20mi%20vida.] (Stanford steve jobs)

much of that lecture made me cry!

He said that he would stand in front of the mirror and look at himself and think that if it were his last day on earth he would be happy and sometimes he said no!
even in that same lecture he explains why we should connect the dots, looking back, he explains that I think apple looking back, looking to the past according to Jobs, is to study oneself, to know what you are good at, what you are made of, what we have worked on and add it to our future dreams to achieve a fair balance between the past, the present and the future.

for me:

Looking into the past requires a very deep and detailed examination that is totally sincere, where we can accept failures and defeats as well as successes and praise in the most humble way possible, this exhaustive review will make us look at the future in a different way that will open us eyes to a new world! If we improve as people we can create a change in humanity, it would be very nice if our little children grew up in a world without rancor, without weapons and in harmony!

Every day I try to do something better thinking that the world will change, while that happens I do my bit to gradually collaborate with that large number of people who, like me, try to change the world for the better in some way or another!

More information about the community and contests running you find at @tea-ccc!


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Does life has a meaning? It is a question many wlask themselves. Once I read a book titled "What if there's no meaning of life?" To be honest it feels good to me. Only humans want to give a meaning to everything.

I hope in the end you are satisfied with what you did for you. You can say "I had a good life".

Will you please put the invitation underneath your article to make it valid?

Welcome to CCC.

02.04.2021 13:37

Hello @wakeupkitty, thank you very much! I already updated the post with guests😁

02.04.2021 14:09

Great you did. You forgot to leave your link underneath the contest. I accept it this time. Pay attention to it. I can not always find it back if I check the contest and my internet is slow.

02.04.2021 23:48

Great you join this contest. Please do not forget to add the invitation!
We wish you a great Eastern weekend.
Greetings @team-ccc


02.04.2021 14:26

Congratulations !
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