Trees of Yosemite

Once you on the upper part of the Yosemite National Park in the area of the Tioga Pass you'll find some very impressive ancient pine trees. Just so beautiful, bring your camera and take a hike and bring a memorable photo home. Leave no trace!


The view from the top of the world.


In the background you'll find Half Dome when you have a closer look. You'll see it just on the right of 'her'.

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12.08.2019 04:16

Thank you for your encouraging comment and support.

12.08.2019 04:42

Very ancient trees, almost older than the boulders!
Awesome photos @g-shot! And what a view! :-)

12.08.2019 04:33

Glad you like it. And yes the view is sooo nice.

12.08.2019 04:41