The Diary Game Season 3 - April 6, 2021 | The Kitten Milking The Dog

Be kind to animals

That is what I always have in mind, it would be easy for us then to be kind to fellow human beings when the need arises.A photo taken just now to show my pets named Mitch and Kitty

Meet The Newest Member Of The Family - Kitty

I have adopted this kitten who got lost and ended up to our backyard. It was actually like a suicide for her to stay within our premises because my dog "Bimbo" <A photo of Bimbo while sleeping

might just kill hereer insta

ntly by ng the neck or whatever killer instinct dogs do to nullify their preys.I told her to stay put because I will take a photo of her

Yes, it turned out that messy when Bimbo noticed that another creature is lurking in our backyard so he got really angry and barked out loud to intimidate the kitten. He was actually not comfortable having an added member of the family until I acknowledge her presence. I carried out this dirty kitten and began feeding her with our left-overs and milk. Then bathe her and dried all her furs with a clean piece of rug. This kitten didn't even resist when I am trying to clean her since most kittens doesn't want water at all to be poured out to their body.

It's such a nice feeling when you actually helped whether a human being or another creature out there.A close-up photo of Kitty

The real challenge I was thinking is to get along well with my lady dog named "Mitch". She actually has killed another kitten several years ago when this kitten got so close to me. Out of jealousy I guess she just bit the kitten's neck while eating in our backyard causing her to paralyze his total body. Who eventually died a few days because of the severity of his condition.

Luckily, Mitch actually liked the presence of the cat that during feeding time, when this kitten named Kitty goes to her plate, Mitch just lets her eat with her and not get angry at all.

Unlike Bimbo, he always bully the kitten during feeding time.

Kitty actually brought happiness to us because of this sight.

A really funny sight and enjoyable moment

This kitten is actually milking Mitch who never had any offspring at all. And Kitty who I guess just got separated from her mother so soon.

They just found each other as mother and daughter!

A daughter whom Mitch never had in her 15 years of life, and a mother figure of Kitty who will protect her from Bimbo's bullying all the time.

These animals really have their own ways to make us feel happy if we all treat them right. So let's continue this compassion that we have in animals.

Letting the Steemit Blockchain witness the growth of this pet aand let other peple get inspired of this act of kindness shared as a blog.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Here is my Self-Introduction Post in the Steemit Philippines Community

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Thank you for reading!

Comments 8

Very cute how the dog and cat love each other.

06.04.2021 14:26

Yes they do! I am so happy to see this sight actually. Yung tipong tatawa ka na lang bigla kasi all the time ito Nay. Tuwing matutulog na sila.

06.04.2021 14:34

ang bait naman ni Mitch! bihira lng maglapit ang dog at cat talaga.

06.04.2021 14:29

Oo nga teh tapos dumedede pa grabeh! Kahit walang gatas kakatuwa talaga.

06.04.2021 14:33

Napaka gandang tignan naman nito. Nakisalo ang pusa sa mga aso. 😁

06.04.2021 16:03

Pati yung isang piss na una naming inampon. Grabeh nakakatuwa talaga sila pagmasdan.

07.04.2021 05:54

Ang cute ng mga pets mo po.. 😊😊 i also love animals, sa katunayan may inaadopt po akong asong kalye.

06.04.2021 21:07

That good! Share mo din dito sa post mo.

07.04.2021 05:55