Introducing RAKE: The Platform Token Of BETTRONLIVE

The Tron Network is supporting the circulation of several tokens inside its blockchain. The RAKE Tokens is one of these digital assets that would soon have its value in the Global Market very soon. As a Crypto Enthusiast who has an extensive years of experience trading, mining, and acquiring several altcoins, it has always been a great edge to be the first early adopters of the program.

Introducing The Rake Tokens

The #TRON network is now in the 13th place in all of the most popular coin-listings today. This technological breakthrough focuses on entertainment and gaming processes, it is a habitat for decentralized gaming platforms like BetTronlivein delivering a new generation of live dealer casino platforms that is both up-to-date and realistic for all users.

RAKE is now currently one the most promising token in this mainstream.

Rake is decentralized. Wealth distribution and generation the most secured way. It only means if you bought 1,000 Rake Tokens, you will receive 1,000 Rake Tokens.

Decentralized means there is no way any entity would be able to take a cut from what you purchased or manipulate anything inside the blockchain

If you WIN Rake tokens minus the minute percentage that the platform is deducting for the fees then you'll get almost the same amount of what you actually won. It's like an automatic tip for the system once you one instead of manually sending tips to the program or even to some players like what we used to from other gaming sites. For me it is a waste of time since I should need to focus winning the game in several winning streaks and not bother myself sending tips and all that.

As a digital currency, we have the power to purchase any other currencies too outside the Tron Network very soon when Rake Tokens will soon be launched and adopted by a lot of major and popular exchangers world-wide. We may opt to hold (HODL) it, share it with fellow members after let's say winning a lot of games, and of course utilize it by playing MORE GAMES. Aside from the top exchangers existing today and where we already been comfortably using, it will also be listed to Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).

I started to get adept dealing with #cryptocurrencies when I initiated myself to mine them. RAKE Tokens can be mined so I will keep everyone posted how to start with it. This process of generating this token would no longer require us to download and istall any additional apps or software when we start mining.

It can also be saved and stored in your TronLink for future exchange, cash-out or if want to PLAY again and again on @Bettronlive! It can also be saved to your Ledger, Nano S or even in Trezor. I highly preferred TronLink if we cannot yet afford to have the physical wallets be delivered to our doorsteps.

Download a TronLink now! Designed for super-user-friendly-interface and topnotch security. This can be found on Google PlayStore: TronLink Wallet

I used @Bettronlive ads analytics with the link from google.

A lot of crypto agnostics already have active wallets here and have downloaded this Chrome Extension to their browsers. Please make sure to save your passphrase and seed after downloading. This is very important to retrieve your funds if your PC/Laptop/Tablet?Phone crashed in the future. Nevertheless, the password is always being asked once you get disconnected to the network every after 30 minutes.

RAKE holders will be the core of the BetTronLive platform. Every DApp that is deployed on the BetTronLive platform will share a portion of their mining pool and dividend pool with RAKE holders. Another benefit for RAKE holders will come from simply holding onto their RAKE tokens, which will further drive the valuation of the tokens.
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For more info about this awesome project where we don't only enjoy playing but also earn from holding Rake Tokens and the chance to win jaw-dropping jackpots. Not to mention the 3-Million Tron Give-Away that will happen...





On my next post, I will share about the freshest game that was just recently added: The Lambo Dice!

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Thank you so much for reading this informative article for every gamers to know. If you are an OC and skeptic at the same time, I am just like you. We'll just have to be patient to see the Rake Tokens on Tron Scan as well.

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Life itself is already a gamble, just bet what you can afford to LOSE!

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you k ow i am always amazed how you do this kind of write ups. this will definitely help @bettronlive and for people to understand Rake more.. 👍

04.08.2019 07:39

RAKE as a platform Token if like going to be the savings of the avid players here. The amount that they hold grows as they completely just having fun playing online with bettronlive.

06.08.2019 00:34

Only time can tell if the Rake token will be successful in the space. However if what I have seen so far would be the basis, then I suggest gamers to start accumulating this digital asset!

04.08.2019 08:23

I definitely agree because early adopters are also the first ones to play on this awesome betting site. When RAKE is already in the coinlistings then this would mean a total visibility for bettronlive. It's an honor to see you dropping by my page.

06.08.2019 00:37

The honor is mine. I really love dropping by great contents and mine the minds of great writers like you!

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