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My Heavenly Angel

She was a woman who used to share a breath with me,
until now it's still like that.
She is a woman who used to share sleep with me,
until now we unite.
She is the woman who used to share tiredness with me,
at this time she did not want to.
She is the woman who used to share a body with me,
at this moment she did not hesitate.

Nothing is as shady as your point of view
Let me know there is something they call NIRVANA
Until I'm not afraid to step in the world

Sorry I was just petrified
Doesn't help much in your life
In fact, soundly leaning your shoulders

Without knowing,
how do you always hum my sleep song
Because you fell asleep too fast
Until she didn't have time to smile
Thank you for my mom
The real angels to me.
I love you so deep, mom!

(I dedicate this poem to you, Mom! I write it with a stream of prayers and tears 😢)


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