#CLUB5050 ❤️ The Food Diary Game (21-11-2021) | My Simple Food Menu Today | @SF-CHARITY50PC

Hi steemfoods lovers!

May we always be healthy and happy and given sustenance and blessings for all things. Amen!


This time I'm back to participate here, to show my activity as a member in this community and support all programs from the steemfoods community. And on this occasion I will share a diary story about the food that I enjoyed today.



This morning I woke up in great spirits. Especially today is Monday. I have to prepare my energy for my teaching activities today. The sunny weather also makes me happy because I can do activities without worrying about the rain. I started the day by enjoying a simple breakfast, namely Pecal Noodles. Mie Pecal is a typical Indonesian food consisting of boiled vegetables and a side dish plus noodle sticks which are boiled and then doused with peanut sauce served on a banana leaf base. It tastes delicious and very fresh. The price is safe on the pocket, only Rp. 10.000,00 or the equivalent of 1.16 STEEM.



In the afternoon after finishing college, I took the time to fulfill the invitation to a sister's descent from one of my students with my friend @ulyarahmi @ratnakumbang . The dishes served are Acehnese specialties, namely rendang meat, sambalado eggs, keumamah tuna, pecals, and don't forget to come with crackers. It tasted really delicious and aroused my appetite for lunch today.



In the evening, after returning from work my husband brought home my favorite Acehnese noodles. We enjoyed it together on the terrace of the house. Mie aceh is one of the spicy noodle dishes typical of Aceh-Indonesia. Thick yellow noodles are cooked and served in a savory and spicy curry-type soup. Mie aceh is usually sprinkled with fried onions and served with emping crackers, pieces of red onion, cucumber, and lime. The price is quite cheap, per pack is only around Rp. 8,000.00 or the equivalent of 0.98 STEEM.


Don't forget, I deliberately prepared a green milk iced tea drink that I made to accompany this afternoon's meal. really this is a complete package, although simple but quite happy and grateful to enjoy it.



At night, I don't want to eat heavily. I was looking for a snack in the fridge. what I found was sunti bark that I bought this afternoon after teaching. Salak Pliek U is one of Aceh's old culinary delights that is still in great demand by the people of Aceh as a snack. the price is only Rp. 5,000.00 or the equivalent of 0.58 STEEM.

That's the simple dish that I enjoyed today as my participation in THE FOOD DIARY GAME. I hope that my participation on this occasion is accepted and all steemfoods friends wherever they are can add insight and benefits from my post today.

Thank you @steemitfoods for organizing this interesting activity. Thank you also to my friend @alikoc07 who has worked hard for the development and progress of this great community. Thank you also to all steemians who have read my simple post today.

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