#CLUB5050❤️| STEEMIT-GARDEN : Enjoying the Beauty of ORCHID FLOWER by @fwinanda

Hi steemit-garden friends wherever you are. I hope you are always in good health and success in whatever activities you are undertaking.


On this occasion I will tell you about my experience while visiting one of my relatives' houses who happened to really like orchid plants.


She has a simple yard behind the house. And she took advantage of it by making an orchid garden for her to care for so that it thrived and enjoyed every day. Some orchids are already in bloom and some are still in the process of growing because they have just been planted.


Orchids are one of the most popular ornamental plants. Because of its popularity, everyone seems to know it. Especially in urban culture in Indonesia, orchids are commonly used for various social rites. Call it such as religious ceremonies, decorations and room decorations, expressions of love, or simply to congratulate at the moment of celebration or express condolences at the moment of death.


In addition, several types of orchids are believed to treat various types of diseases such as tuberculosis, flatulence, night sweats, anorexia, fever, and dyspepsia effectively. May help improve lung, kidney, and stomach function. Can help boost the immune system so that it can help the body fight infection.


Orchids also include types of plants that easily adapt to their environment. Maintenance is also very easy. No wonder, if the orchid plant can be found in almost all parts of the world. Orchid plants can live in lowlands, hot jungles, dry deserts to highlands. There are even orchids that still grow even though they are in the snowy mountain peak habitat. Even so, most of the orchids we find in the tropics.


Here I show an orchid plant in a simple garden belonging to one of my colleagues:







I really love flowers. For me flowers are telling my identity. I love beauty. I feel calm and at peace watching the plants thrive around me.

Besides being able to increase a positive mood, planting and enjoying flowers and plants can also be a supplier of oxygen for life and have a positive effect on mental health because it can make the mood and mind better.

So many stories from me in this great community @steem-garden, hopefully it will be useful and an inspiration for all steemian friends. My thanks go to @hive-180821 who always gives me motivation and support for my writing. And thank you also beautiful sister @liasteem & brother @allahnawaz03 who also always supports me in this community 🥰

So a little bit of my short story about the beauty of your natural flower plant. I hope my post is useful. Thank you 🙏🏻☺️

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Saludos amiga espero esté muy bien🤗, las orquídeas son plantas muy elegantes y hermosas, felicito a su familiar tiene un jardín muy hermoso y ordenado, gracias por compartir espero tenga un excelente día🥰

Greetings friend, I hope you are very well🤗, orchids are very elegant and beautiful plants, I congratulate your relative, you have a very beautiful and orderly garden, thank you for sharing I hope you have an excellent day🥰

21.11.2021 14:06

hola mi amigo ☺️🤍 encantado de conocerte que tienes la misma frecuencia de pasatiempos que yo aquí. tienes razón, las orquídeas son plantas muy agraciadas y hermosas. ojalá podamos seguir manteniendo y preservando la belleza de las orquídeas en todas partes 🤗

21.11.2021 17:37

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