#CLUB5050 ❤️ Food Diary Game (19-11-2021) | ENJOYING sustenance food given to relatives | @SF-CHARITY50PC


Hi steemfoods lovers!

May we always be healthy and happy and given sustenance and blessings for all things. Amen!

This time I participate again here, to show my activities as a member in this community and support all programs from the steemfoods community. And on this occasion I will share a diary story about the food I enjoyed today.



This morning I woke up in great spirits. Even though it was cloudy and drizzling, I was still excited to start my activities. I started the day by enjoying a simple breakfast of white rice and sunny side up eggs. Even though it's simple, I really like, enjoy, and am grateful for God's grace because I can still enjoy this food.



In the afternoon after I finished teaching, I received a lunch from one of my friends in the form of fried chicken fried rice. Again, I got an unexpected sustenance. I immediately went home to enjoy this geprek chicken with my children who love chicken very much.



sitting every day, while relaxing on the terrace of the house. One of my cousins ​​named Caca came to deliver Serabi. Serabi is a traditional snack originating from Indonesia. The soft texture of the pancake is obtained from the basic ingredient in the form of rice flour. Combined with a gravy derived from coconut milk, sugar, and pandan leaves, the Serabi has a savory, sweet and legit taste. Again I got unexpected food sustenance and this afternoon from my brother.


At nightfall, my husband brought home my favorite seafood noodle that he bought when he came home from work. This seafood noodle consists of stir-fried noodles with a mixed seasoning of eggs, shrimp, squid and meatballs. Even though I'm not a noodle lover, I can't refuse to enjoy this delicious and delicious seafood noodle. Moreover, we enjoyed it when it was hot and the weather was supportive because it was raining.

That's a simple meal that I enjoyed today as my participation in the GAME FOOD DIARY. Hopefully my participation on this occasion is accepted and steemfoods friends wherever they are can add insight and benefits from my post today.

Thank you @steemitfoods for organizing this interesting activity. Thanks also to my friend @alikoc07 who has worked so hard for the development and progress of this great community. Thanks also to all steemians who have read my simple post today.

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