#CLUB5050 ❤️ Food Diary Game (18-11-2021) | Enjoying Favorite Foods With Loved Friends and Family | @SF-CHARITY50PC


Hi steemfoods lovers!

May we always be healthy and happy and given sustenance and blessings for all things. Amen!

This time I'm back to participate here, to show my activities as a member in this community and support all programs from the steemfoods community. And on this occasion I will share a diary story about the food I enjoyed today.



This morning I woke up in great spirits. Even though it was cloudy and drizzling, I was still excited to start my activities. I started the day by enjoying a small breakfast of rice and vegetables with long beans and eggplant or commonly called tiyai which was sent by my mother-in-law yesterday. This tiyai vegetable is a typical Acehnese food which is usually served on the lunch menu. It tastes very good and savory because of the mixture of coconut milk and uneulheu or coconut gongseng. It tastes even more delicious especially when eaten with warm rice.



In the afternoon after we finished teaching, all of us school members received an invitation to lunch from one of the teachers, Mrs. Sumamarni. She servescehnese specialties ranging from keumamah tuna, Aceh rendang, pickles, touco, pumpkin curry vegetables and mushroom soup vegetables. It tastes really good. Really treats the longing for a beloved h home.


I also d't forget to capture the photo moment with my friends while enjoying this food. In addition to delicious food, drinks are also given a mixture of sugar water, lemon, nata de coco, and basil which tastes very fresh.




In the evening, while relaxing sitting on the terrace of the house. I enjoy my favorite cake, which is a fruit cake sent by a neighbor. It tastes very good, sweet and fresh because of the addition of fruit. These pies have a beautiful appearance, but in addition to looking beautiful, they also taste delicious.



When night fell, my husband took us as a family to have dinner together at one of the roadside stalls. Although peddled on the side of the road, the taste can really be compared to a five-star restaurant. Nasi uduk is a typical Indonesian dish that is enjoyed with fried chicken and vegetables with chili paste. It's spicy and savory.

That's a simple dish that I enjoyed today as my participation in the GAME FOOD DIARY. Hopefully my participation on this occasion is accepted and steemfoods friends wherever they are can add insight and benefits from my post today.

Thank you @steemitfoods for organizing this interesting activity. Thanks also to my friend @alikoc07 who has worked hard for the development and progress of this great community. Thanks also to all steemians who have read my simple post today.

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