#CLUB5050❤️ The Food Diary Game (24-11-2021) | Enjoying Food Given by Friends @SF-CHARITY50PC

Hi steemfoods lovers!

May we always be healthy and happy and given sustenance and blessings for all things. Amen!

This time I'm back to participate here, to show my activity as a member in this community and support all programs from the steemfoods community. And on this occasion I will share a diary story about the food that I enjoyed today.



This morning I woke up in great spirits. I have to prepare my energy for my teaching activities today. The sunny weather also makes me happy because I can do activities without worrying about the rain. I started the day by enjoying a breakfast of Peanut Bumbu Noodles given by one of the PPL students who was carrying out practical activities at my school, her name was Funna. Alhamdulillah, it feels so good to get sustenance, especially if I happen to have not had breakfast because this morning I was in a rush to go to school.



In the afternoon after I finished teaching, I accepted the invitation to the maulid event with my best friend @ulyarahmi and @ratnakumbang from one of my colleagues @radjasalman who happened to be the head of the school where the maulid event was held.


This time the food provided is in the form of Indonesian specialties (Aceh in particular) namely beef rendang, fried chicken, salted eggs, fried chili sauce, pumpkin curry, grilled milkfish and don't forget crackers as a complement. Not only does it look delicious but it tastes really good.



In the afternoon, I enjoyed my favorite Acehnese martabak with my children, which my husband bought me while coming home from work. Martabak Aceh is a typical food from Aceh which is made similar to the shape of a martabak. This food at first glance looks similar to an ordinary omelet. However, the preparation is slightly different from egg martabak in general because the egg mixture wraps the martabak skin and the addition of vegetables in it. Don't forget to give pickled onions and small chilies on top to add to the delicacy. It tastes very delicious, especially if you add sauce while enjoying it. Plus the price is cheap, only Rp. 5,000.00 per pack or the equivalent of 0.64 STEEM.



When night fell, our family felt hungry and wanted to eat something light. Incidentally, my mother had just come back from a family event and was given some kind of cake and sponge. Alhamdulillah, 2 pieces of cake have been able to block the stomach so it doesn't growl tonight.

That's the simple dish that I enjoyed today as my participation in THE FOOD DIARY GAME. I hope that my participation on this occasion is accepted and all steemfoods friends wherever they are can add insight and benefits from my post today.

Thank you @steemitfoods for organizing this interesting activity. Thank you also to my friend @alikoc07 who has worked hard for the development and progress of this great community. Thank you also to all steemians who have read my simple post today.

My Power Up in November to Support the #club5050 #club100


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The 3rd Power UP in November


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So far I have always been active on Steemit, I have never disbursed or transferred SBD from Steemit. I also regularly POWER UP all STEEM in my wallet to invest and strengthen my account and support the #club5050 #club100 campaign!! ❤️

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