#CLUB100❤️ POWER UP AGAIN! 💪🏻 [TOTAL: 2.410 SP]


After seeing the development of colleagues in steemit who continue to skyrocket after doing power ups, every day I am getting more enthusiastic and motivated to be able to level up like other friends who continue to grow on the steemit platform.

Although currently my SP amount is nothing when compared to other senior colleagues in steemit who have reached tens or even hundreds of steem. However, this did not make me pessimistic, instead I was more enthusiastic and motivated to be able to be like my senior colleagues one day.

Frankly, I have a dream and a target that I want to achieve, which is to be able to reach the dolphin level at the end of this year. Although it feels difficult, because I have to collect approximately 2000 SP again. but nothing is impossible, there are still 30 days left to reach those targets and dreams. I don't know what will happen later, but for sure I will continue to make various efforts to make my dream come true.

I currently have a total of 2,410 SP. And for the last 1 month I have done power ups as much as 1,131 SP. During this 1 month I also did a power up of all the payouts that I got. No matter how much SBD I get, I convert it to STEEM and always do power ups and continue to take the time to write posts and steemit content in the midst of busyness and difficulties in managing my time as a wife, mother to my children, teacher to students. my students at school, a facilitator for teachers in the area where I live, as well as being a student who is struggling to get a master's degree. I arranged everything in such a way and took the time to write content to collect SBD coffers so that I could convert it to STEEM and of course I Power Up the overall result. Like today, I got 2 reward claims and immediately I power up everything.


Here I include a screenshot of the power up process that I did today:


Amount of Steem Power before power up

Amount of STEEM that I do power up

Amount of STEEM that I do power up

Amount of SP after power up

Proof of the success of the power up process

On this occasion, I don't get to forget, I continue to appeal to all steemian especially to continue to do power ups. I thank you infinitely to party 01 and all steemians who continue to support me ❤️

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