#CLUB100 #CLUB5050 ❤️ Food Diary Game (23-11-2021) | My Delicious Food Menu Today | @SF-CHARITY50PC

Hi steemfoods lovers!

May we always be healthy and happy and given sustenance and blessings for all things. Amen!

This time I am participating again here, to show my activities as a member in this community and support all programs from the steemfoods community. And on this occasion I will share a diary story about the food I enjoyed today.



This morning I woke up in great spirits. I have to prepare my energy for my teaching activities today. Sunny weather also makes you happy because you can do activities without worrying about rain. I started the day by enjoying my husband's favorite breakfast which is savory rice + tuna sauce. What I like the most about the savory rice is the large amount of serondeng. Serondeng is roasted coconut. It tastes delicious and savory as the name suggests. The price is safe in the pocket, only IDR 10,000 or the equivalent of 1.16 STEEM.



In the afternoon after I finished teaching, I got another sustenance given by one of my friends with grilled chicken rice. I also enjoyed this meal a pack of two with my best friend @ratnakumbang. It tasted very good and piqued my appetite for lunch today. Especially when enjoyed with friends.



Every evening, before returning from the school where I teach, I take the time to buy ice cream which is sold on the roadside. It contains vanilla ice cream plus bread, pulut, jelly, and milk. The taste is no less delicious than the ice cream sold in supermarkets, the ice cream that I bought even though the price was cheap, namely per cup was sold at Rp5,0000.00 or the equivalent of 0.64 STEEM.



As night fell, our family was hungry and wanted something light. I also fried frozen sausages and meatballs that I made a few days ago for our family and then served with sauce while it was still hot. For rainy weather like this, this food menu can be a stomach freshener with a delicious taste.

That's a simple meal that I enjoyed today as my participation in THE FOOD DIARY GAME. Hopefully my participation on this occasion is accepted and steemfoods friends wherever they are can add insight and benefits from my post today.

Thank you @steemitfoods for organizing this interesting activity. Thanks also to my friend @alikoc07 who has worked hard for the development and progress of this great community. Thanks also to all steemians who have read my simple post today.

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