Indoor Gardening Update

Greetings Steemians,

The indoor garden is doing pretty good.

The bean plant is loving life, and currently producing a massive bean. You can see there are some babies starting to take off as well.

All of the Jalapeno pepper plants are thriving, but not yet producing peppers.

The Hungarian Yellow Wax Pepper plants were not photographed today. They are rapidly dying, and I have not solved the issue. The poor plants have lived a rough existence, but there could still be hope. I've moved them from out of the closet, and have them in the shade.

I'm trying out this image hosting service:
It's pretty cool, because you can click on these photos, and be directed linked to the hosting site, where you can zoom in nicely on the image, as well as view virtually all of the image information. It's mind blowing how much data is held within a digital photograph.

If you've not seen my past posts, it will be hard to discern what kind of lighting I am using.
The lighting is 50 Watts of LED's (Light Emitting Diodes).
For an indoor garden, this is very low, and low yields should be expected with such a set up.
That doesn't mean it's impossible to make magic happen with low end LED fixtures.

Here is a look at the plants under more natural light spectrum.



I tried shooting with the fisheye setting on my Samsung WB100, and this was the result. My hopes were not high for capturing a decent fisheye, but there is something relaxing and almost invigorating about this shot to me.



I'm a little surprised at how good the Jalapeno pepper plants are doing. The closet has been so hot and humid, with virtually no air flow, yet they seem pretty happy. I am planning to get a small fan soon for them.

I turned off the blurple lights for these photos and utilized the flash. Super battery drainer, but worth it sometimes.



This graptosedum bronze is coming back to life. It is truly as miracle, as the mother plant is long gone and died of a strange disease I was unable to diagnose.
The disease spread like a cancer and killed the entire plant. It was not cool.
Prior to that, I had clipped the main head because of light reaching. At the time I did not know that cut would be the cut that preserved the life line of this particular plant.
I hope it keeps doing good. Soon I will move it much closer to the lights and blush it out.
What you are observing next to the succulent is a timer, which automatically turns the lights on and off for me at set times. Currently the lights are off from midnight to 6 AM, and then on for 18 hours.

Thank you for visiting me and my green friends.

Much love!

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12.08.2020 03:58


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12.08.2020 08:11


也許是託管問題。 也許在某些智能手機上無法打開。


我使用了該應用 Wherein.

13.08.2020 02:33

Impressive indoor food patch, bro! Love the bean dangling down, letting it all hang out, loving the bean life.
I'm happy the succulent survived! I've always found their waxy curved interesting leaves to be very aesthetic.
Seems like those peppers should flower soon, as they are getting to about that size.
Enjoy, and grow in peace. :)

12.08.2020 07:49

Thanks a bunch bro.
I too find the leaves appearance and texture to be aesthetically pleasing.

I think the pepper plants have been a little stunted, despite looking good. No air flow, but it wasn't super hot today and I put one of my fans oscillating on them all day.

The coir compound holds moisture way too long and I need to mix it with regular soil. I might load up some from outdoors and ravage it with diatomaceous earth. (learned that form you.)
Either that or perlite. It needs more drainage and aeration.

I'm probably going to order some things for the garden, reluctantly spending crypto to do so. Maybe a tent, I need more grow space.

13.08.2020 02:41