BLEACH (Netflix's movie adaptation)

Here's an interesting find for me, Bleach's movie adaption on Netflix.

I was a big fan of animes a while back but never had I watched a single episode of Bleach even though I knew it exists. So, while I was browsing on the available movies in Netflix, I noticed this movie under the fantasy category.

Out of curiosity, I decided to give it a try.

On the early part of the movie, the scenes are kind of eerie. The scenes are not generally a horror movie theme but they gave me chills on some of the specific parts of the movie.

Here's the thing, even though I haven't watched the anime version I felt like the story was delivered wuite well. The ones who watche the anime might have a different opinion about it but as a first-timer, I think I understood what the fundamentals of the story.


When it comes to the character adaptation, I think that they nailed the persona of each of the main characters. It's really amazing how they are able to made the characters human-like while maintaining the anime-like attitude. Although, there are some characters that I felt to be lack-luster. Again, this is my opionion as a not savvy fan of this anime/movie. My judgement are based from my recent quick glimpse of the anime and the movie adaptation.


About the fight scenes, I felt that the early parts lacks the intensity that I expect on an anime fight scenes. I guess, I was expecting too much for this movie version.


If the early part of the movie lacks the intensity; the mid to the last part is the ones that showcased the wow factor. I believe that put more of the attention to the last part to make it more memorable. The early parts may not be that strong however they managed to pull-off an awesome ending fight scene.



I kind of wished that they released a sequel for the movie. I know for sure that they only covered a small portion of the entire saga.


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