LOL Hunt - Funny Video Clips Channel

I found a channel where one could watch funny video clips. If you are that type of person who loves watching funny video clips, this is for you.

Lol hunt is a video channel where funny videos are being curated by people. You can get on the channel and upvote videos.

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LOL Hunt is decentralized, data activity is stored privately, digital right is protected. Central activity has no control over one's activity when videos are being watched or upvoted on LOL Hunt.

This concept is absolutely incredible, funny video clips has gone to an extent where it could be curated.

LOL Hunt is powered by Blockstack, you can hunt for funny youtube video clips and share it whatever video you found by submitting the video URL.

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You can vote for any video of your choice and the daily ranking is based on the upvotes.

Get onboard today and enjoy funny video clips.

Here is the sign up link:

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