Health Benefits Of Push-Up

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Push-up is an exercise that strengthens the arms and the chest muscles. It is done by lying with the face towards the floor and pushing with the hands to raise the body until the arms are straight.

Push-up is a fast and effective exercise for building strength. It can be done anywhere and it doesn't require any equipment. Doing push-up daily helps in gaining upper body strength.

It’s important to continue challenging the muscles to improve strength and physical fitness level.

If push-up is not done in the proper form, it can lead to an injury, lower back or shoulder pain. So it is important to do push-up in a proper form.

Proper Form While Doing Push-Up

  1. Make sure your body forms a straight line. Don't allow your body sag down.
  2. Ensure your both hands are firmly rooted on the ground so as to protect wrists.
  3. Ensure your butt is not lifted, it should should be down.
  4. Make sure your back is straight

Types Of Push-Up

  1. Standard push-up
  2. Wide push-up
  3. Modified push-up
  4. Narrow push-up
  5. Pylometric
  6. Decline push-up

Health Benefits of Push-Up

  1. It increases Testosterone and reduces Osteoporosis development
  2. It enhances Cardiovascular system
  3. It improves posture
  4. It helps in cultivating a strong body
  5. It increases body muscles definition
  6. It helps in stretching the muscles for health and vitality
  7. It increases functional strength

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