Precious Metals Thoughts #8

After all this madness on CUBdefi these past days i finally found some time to check on the precious metals prices
of course my main interest focused on Gold and its course the past month

just wondering what is your feeling about things globally?
how they roll?
from my point of view everything sucks and the only thing seems to work is Crypto-world
so my question is why has gold price dropped!
a month ago gold was trading at 1835$ per ounce ,today that i'm writing this article the price has fallen back to 1728$ per ounce
this drop is big not small..we are talking about a 5% on its value
it is big money
and what kind of news are out there to justify this move of stability
cause when you liquidate metal for FIAT this is an act of feeling secure to do it
why investors globally feel this kind of security i don't know
guys i don't know maybe i'm blind but i don't have a clue


maybe this mockery with covid-19 vaccine is the good news that investors anticipating to hear
anyway the issue here is that one kilo of gold is now trading at 55.561 $ while 2 months ago the price was about 61.500$ per Kg
10% down!
Bitcoin worths more and doesn't weight anything at all, how about that!
sometimes i really feel like we are leaving the matrix and i don't know which pill i must get the red or the blue one
i feel everything around us is such an illusion and i'm having issues adjusting with the flow

i still believe that invest in gold is a must for a serious investor, this is me speaking of course ,you can call me whatever you like but i do believe in the power of metals not only gold

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