Science is fun

Science encourages our children to learn by experience that everything we do is cause and affect for every action there is a reaction ,and this is fun and exciting to teach and apply to life lessons.
Have you ever wanted to be a paleontologist,travel back in time to a world of dinosaurs then you'll love this excavation of a real glow in the dark stegosaurus.
Step 1 have the item purchased( note the discount thank you giant tiger)
Step 2 have an assistant help you inbox your adventure.
Step 3 us the scrapping tool provided to carefully chip away the sandstone (8and under should have adult help as tool is sharp).
Step 4 use the brush to move the chipped away item be extra careful not to breath in the dust.keep slowly and carefully chipping away till you see your prize.
Step 5 yeeeeeeeah just like in life hard work pays off,look at our baby dino he's almost out.IMG_20190820_125314610.jpg
Step 6 now that he's out of that sandstone let's get him all clean up so we can see him better .IMG_20190820_125353966.jpg
Step 7 check out steggy the stegosaurus.also known as covered lizard or roof lizard was up to 25-30 feet long and weighed more then 6500 lbs.It had a long narrow skull with a brain the size of a walnut.stegosauraus had 17 bone plates that were embedded in its back along with spikes on their tails that could measure up to 4 feet long.Its thought that they used these spikes to defend themselves from predators.IMG_20190820_125451841.jpg
Tell me this isn't the sweetest smile for pure joy IMG_20190820_125518035_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpg










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