New year New me!!!

Every year we tell ourselves we'll be more active and more organized we'll eat better or quit a bad habit.Well you are ready this is the year,start the day with a glass of water and smile whenever you can. So as part of this theme we're going to try to be more focused and organized as a company as well.starting December 29 were going to take part in the clean and purging 52 week challenge.remember to take before and after pictures as you'll be surprised I guarantee. Week 1 is all about kitchen organization specifically on keeping the flat surfaces like the table and countertops clean and clear ,before you dive in think of the functions you have or want to have going on in the kitchen for example: eatting,food preparation,cooking,food storage, recipes,homework or entertainment. 1st- take a deep breath work in 15 min time periods so not to get over whelmed,do your dishes wash rinse dry putaway. 2nd- wash your sink and clean the drain,and hang up your cloth and handtowel. 3rd- starting left to right remove obvious garbage and throw it away then any items that don't belong in the kitchen. 4th-group like items together chargers,mail and paper,cook books,spices etc..... 5th-declutter grouped items that you don't use ,expired ,broken, multiple duplicates or haven't used in the past year ( please donate or recycle where possible ). 6th- wash and wipe down items and surfaces and organize to your liking. The hardest part is maintaining this area daily expecially if your not the only person in the living space.IMG_20191212_153552463.jpg

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