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After writing a fair amount of educational posts for you about how a quality project presentation should look like, we thought it was time to show you some examples. Some project founders have been busy and have not only followed almost every piece of our advice but have made regular updates and news too. We want to pinpoint to you just what we were talking about when we were explaining to you all those steps that you need to take to assure your project is going to become a successful one.

CCO image, Unsplash, author: Cherry Laithang, adapted for Fundition

There are several things that we were bringing to your attention and we will remind you of them again later but lets first see which projects have we picked out as perfect examples of how things should be done.


We went through most of the projects on Fundition and looked at them carefully. We have picked those that had everything or almost everything that a good quality project presentation should have. Most of those things we have already covered in our educational posts and some we yet need to cover. Take a good look at these projects and learn as much as you can from them. They are not here because we want you to support them (although we do suggest it of course) but are here because we want you to take a good look at how they are designed, composed, and what elements they have. We proudly present to you projects that almost have it all:

1. Steemitworldmap is on fundition

by @steemitworldmap

2. Food for life Soliciting support for our nutritional screening

by @aid.venezuela

3. Steem Power Box

by @leotrap


To know what you are missing from your project presentation, take our simple quiz below. All you need to do is answer our questions with either yes or now and keep score of your positive answers. Are you ready?

CCO image, Pixabay, author: 905513, adapted for Fundition

  • is your title captivating
  • do you have a logo, motto, and a good visual
  • are there plenty of images in the project
  • do you have videos made
  • is your goal broken down to a couple of smaller more realistic ones
  • have you shared the project on social media
  • do you have regular project updates
  • do you accept collaborators
  • are there ways Backers can contact you
  • do you have Backer rewards
  • did you explain what the funds will be used on
  • do you have a landing page or a website
  • are there other ways people can help you beside donations
  • is your project in any way promoting Fundition and/or steem blockchain
  • is your project written using proper grammar
  • does your project solve a certain problem
  • do many people benefit from your project
  • is your project presentation easy to read and interesting
  • did you present yourself as the founder and provided some info about your work and qualifications
  • are you project updates actual updates
  • have you used high-quality images
  • have you used call-to-action words

How many of those questions did you answer with yes? If you have only a couple of no answers let us know. That would mean that we have somehow skipped your project. We would like to showcase it here as one of our examples. Visit those 3 that we gave you links for once more and take a good look at what they have done. Learn from them and get inspired. Thank them by showing some support to their cause, they will appreciate it.

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Thanks for good guide & education.

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