Heartwarming Christmas in Venezuela

First of all Merry Christmas Funditians!


Christmas holiday is always a special moment to reunite with your family, to share a special meal but also to be kind hearted, which is why Christmas is a wonderful time to give to your family but also to others especially those in need.

Where did the giving tradition started?

So it all started with Jesus receiving gifts of Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh with each having a special meaning. Moreover for Christians, Jesus is considered to be a gift from God to the world. As a result, this concept has evolved into a tradition of gifting during Christmas.

Giving to those in need also comes from the fact that Jesus himself helped those in need regardless of status, wealth, title.

So now people use this time of the year as an opportunity to donate to those in need, as Christmas is a special moment to honor Jesus. In a way, by giving to others you are paying a tribute to Jesus.

Different ways to donate:

  • Time (you could volunteer for example)
  • Clothes (you know that you have some shirts that you haven’t wear for literally a year in your closet)
  • Money (put a smile on someone with what you have in your pocket or a project founder on Fundition for example)
  • Smile (you will bright someone’s day with just a smile)
  • Nice words (you will definitely warm others with your nice words.... « you are beautiful and awesome »)

Congratulations to Aid.Venezuela

for the successful campaign Crypto Aid Venezuela for a Merry Christmas
Crypto Aid Venezuela for a Merry Christmas project on Fundition


The project goal was to invite 60 people of the same group, pre-selected through an open Dpoll, to have a traditional Christmas dinner/celebration. Because of the crisis that Venezuelan have been through for the past years, lots of Venezuelan can’t celebrate Christmas in a decent way which is why, its founder @Zaxan decided to launch this incredible project.

As a result 21 elders, 5 person with disabilities, 9 volunteers and 22 children will be able to celebrate Christmas today and that is thanks to the helping hand of a great community and especially @r2cornell who has been incredibly generous.
You should follow @aid.venezuela to watch the video of this event ...coming in few days.


If you haven't yet, do an incredible meaningful gesture by donating to awesome projects on Fundition.io for this Christmas 2019.

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