Fundition is burning Steem

Greetings Funditians!

It’s been a while since the last update! On the outside it seems like we’ve been slowing down but in fact lots of things happened on the behind-the-scene.


What will we talk about today?

  • Working on the Fundition sisters platforms: game & art
  • Faster, better, stronger Fundition
  • Fundition yearly events
  • Fundition Fund Program Bonus
  • New category is coming
  • Burning Steem

But first, a small Recap for new Steemians


Fundition is the first decentralized and totally free to use crowdfunding platform based on the Steem Blockchain. It’s a keep-it-all crowdfunding which means the project founder can keep all the amount that he raised through the crowdfunding campaign.

Fundition has never-seen before and exclusive features such as:

  • Donation without any fees with STEEM, SBD thanks to the Steem Blockchain
  • Donation in many cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR etc
  • Donation through upvotes thanks to the Steem Blockchain
  • The possibility to open the projects to worldwide collaboration.
  • No need to choose a specific platform as Fundition reunites Kickstarter and Patreon in one place with the possibility to choose between a “One Shot” or a “Recursive” project.
  • Fundition has a Fund program to financially support impactful projects.

Also the most important thing on Fundition is a big community of thousand of founders and backers who share the same will which is to make a positive impact on tomorrow.

If you have a good project that requires a fund head over to to launch your crowdfunding campaign. If you aren’t sure yet, you can contact the Fundition support team on Discord for any questions, advice or guidance.

Game.Fundition & Art.Fundition

For the past few months, we have been working on two little sisters of Fundition. As its name mentioned, the two platforms will focus on Gaming or Art projects.

We believe that these two categories deserve their own places and platforms, to welcome gamers (streamers, devs, etc..) and artists on Steem but also to attract new backers with brand new specialized crowdfunding platforms.

The functioning will be the same as except that they will get a fresh adapted new look as you can see below. Projects from these two platforms will also benefit from the Fundition Fund program if they meet all the criteria.

It is coming very soon but in the meantime all we can say is that Gaming and Art project founders should get their project proposal ready so that once the platforms will be released the project founders will be able to launch the proposal right away. You can contact Pennsif or Mimee on Discord to get advices on your project proposal.

Better, Faster, Stronger Fundition

Like most of the dApps built on the Steem Blockchain, we are constantly trying to improve the quality of the service that our platform is providing. Since then, some adjustments, and work have been done on Now it is going to be even faster and stronger. Everything is loading at a speed of light.

We would also say thanks for all your feedback. If you have any idea to improve, detect any bugs, need some improvement on any side, we are all ears and ready to welcome all of those in the Fundition Discord.

Monthly events that you've awaited!

We are aware that the community has been waiting for Fundition event such as the “give a flower” on Women’s day which is why we’ve worked on some exciting events for the Fundition Community.

We hope that these events will bring new people to the Fundition community and more importantly to bring new Backers. Some events will put the projects into spotlight which is why we hope that the project founders will put extra attention on the proposal and the updates/news.

If you have any good events idea please contact Burak or Goyard on Discord.

Stay tune for the first event coming soon!

Fundition Fund Program BONUS


We know that you’ve been waiting for this part, so without any more delay...what is the bonus about?

As we’ve always said, is a crowdfunding platform that works with the proof-of-merit, which means that as long as a project founder is hardworking on his project, and keep the consistency we will put the project into spotlight and support the project in many different ways. To go further with the proof-of-merit on we’ve decided to not only support the project with an upvote but to also incentivize with a direct donation.

How will it go?
-Debate among the Fundition team members to pick 5 projects
-The 5 projects receive a direct donation from Fundition around the end of the month

The criteria?
-Consistency with the news
-Consistency in promoting the Crowdfunding Project

  • Small + if there is a Steem Blockchain promotion

Is your project eligible for the Fundition Fund Program?
The full Fund Program can be found here Fundition Fund Program

September awesome project founders (Congratulations!): 60$ or around 400 STEEM

The team of @Dtube.Forum with the event project
Dtube Forum 2020 - Hamburg Germany 15-17 May 2020

The team of @Vimm with the innovation project Vimm - Stream your way

@Ponpase with the personal project A Glimmer of Hope to Join the Advanced Basic Course (KMD) in Jakarta

@drwatson with the art project Ithaqa Comic Issue 3 The High Priestess

The team of @gtpjfoodbank with the charity project Daily Bread Food Bank 2018 Year End Target: $300 a month

As it is the first edition we decided to include a sixth grand project founder with:
the team of @steemitworldmap with the project Steemitworldmap is on fundition

October (Second Edition) awesome project founders (Congratulations!): 60$ or around 425 STEEM

The team of @beamentor for the steem project Building Steem Mentor Teams | Community Project

The team of @Vimm for innovation project Vimm - Stream your way

The team of @gtpjfoodbank with the charity project Daily Bread Food Bank 2018 Year End Target: $300 a month

@drwatson with the art project Ithaqa Comic Issue 3 The High Priestess

The team of @Dtube.Forum with the event project
Dtube Forum 2020 - Hamburg Germany 15-17 May 2020

Special note: the Fundition Fund Program is a way to support the projects, under no circumstances it is or should be the only way for the project founder to fundraise.

New Category on

We know that Steemians are events lover which is why we decided to add a new category called “EVENT”.

In this category you will be able to directly spot event such as meet ups, summits, seminars, conferences, diverse Steem related events etc.

These projects are always very welcomed on and even more if they bring awareness on the Steem blockchain which is why this category is an essential one.

296 copie.jpg

Burn burn burn !!! We hear that everywhere but in fact we don’t see much action, we prefer to see others doing it… So we have an offer that burners can’t refuse, from now and until the 31 october 2019, Fundition will burn 2 STEEM tokens once for any steemian who are burning exactly 1 STEEM. (limited to 500 participants)

We will need you to:1. Resteem this post2. Add Fundition in the transaction burn memo3. Comment below to amplify the notification


If you haven’t yet, read the purplepaper here Purplepaper

Start Building the Future Today with:

Join a community with heart based giving at its core

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@tipu curate

27.10.2019 19:43

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/1)

27.10.2019 19:43

If I can suggest anything - please burn SBDs instead of STEEM :) New STEEM tokens are comming every day so burning them doesn't change anything, while we no longer print SBD but we have too many of them (which may bring STEEM price down).

You can use @tipU swap function to quickly exchange any amount of STEEM to SBD (and the other way around), 0 fees.

27.10.2019 19:50

I second this, please swap to SBD first before burning them so the debt ratio decrease and SBD will be pegged to 1 USD again.

Little correction though, the chain is still printing SBD via the DAO but not nearly as much compared to when the debt ratio is below 10%.


28.10.2019 06:28

Exactly :) do you know why the devs choose to print SBD for dao instead of just normal STEEM?

Also is there a way to check total SBD supply? I'm using coinmarketcap but don't know how reliable it is.

28.10.2019 10:48

You can use to see the current SBD supply. It's on the right side under "current supply".


29.10.2019 04:00

Thank you! !tip 1 ;)

29.10.2019 07:25
🎁 Hi @ucukertz! You have received 1.0 SBD tip from @cardboard!

Check out @cardboard blog here and follow if you like the content :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

29.10.2019 07:25

Thank you in the name of the team! We love to host our campaign on fundition and you - the team - is an awesome partner for us!

Much love!


27.10.2019 19:59

All great news to hear!

Will there be the possibility of shifting/mirroring an already running project to the art centric front end?

I also noticed a direct transfer of $10 USD of Steem to my project a few days ago with Fundition itself the only donor listing in the memo. I’m assuming this was part of the direct rewards bonus program? If so.... thanks so much!

As a project founder running a campaign with physical rewards up for grabs, more than anything I’d like to see a bit of a backend toolset for fulfillment developed. An off chain messaging/database setup so that we can keep track of rewards and connect with people to supply needed preferences, contact and shipping info. Currently I’m just trying to reach out and tell folks on Steem to send an email to an address I’ve set up for that purpose. I think it makes the process messier and less trustworthy to the end consumer, vs. interacting while signed into the site itself.

Likewise, I received a couple donations via the PayPal option, which is absolutely phenomenal if Fundition can maintain that channel. It’s a largely unknown Fiat on-ramp to Steem but I hope there’s no regulatory problems should it become more utilized. However, the information provided to founders is terrible. If I didn’t personally know the donors I wouldn’t have any way of communicating with them, fulfilling rewards, etc. That is actually a main reason I don’t promote my Fundition page more fully outside Steem. I actually don’t want people seeing that option, donating, and then me being unable to fulfill backer rewards.

With a backend founder dashboard, I’m sure I’d fall fully in love with the potential of Fundition again! Keep up the great work and improvements.

27.10.2019 21:04

Really good news

27.10.2019 21:11

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If you are an agent Investigating them, guess what? Better start packing. You are circumvented. They are high tech, over funded and well connected.

27.10.2019 21:32

even though you haven't done update for awhile. It's fine because your working for something. Then when you did an announcement it's worth waiting for.

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27.10.2019 21:51

Congratulations to Fundition.
It's all wonderful and I hope other founders can take advantage of the monthly bonus.


The CooperFelix - Multiservices invites the users to take a look at the objectives of the project, hoping for your participation THE CF-M Project on Fundition


The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden

28.10.2019 08:15

The work of @fundition is wonderful, from steemchurch Ministry International we will be supporting these initiatives to promote education, love and social justice.


31.10.2019 13:52

Awasome... I hope success...!!!

01.11.2019 16:38

Glad to see so many new projects that help the community. Been away for a year and now its about to find all of them and support them!

17.11.2019 22:24