Ejercicios antes de cantar | Exercises before singing by FundaKantoría

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Primero que nada es preciso decir que, estamos agradecidos con las personas que siguen las publicaciones de nuestro blog.
En esta oportunidad traemos para compartir un corto y sencillo post donde mostramos un breve vídeo que muestra a nuestros niños realizando parte de los ejercicios que usamos antes de cantar, son ejercicios de respiración y relajación que nuestro maestro nos enseña, con eso cantamos, reímos, jugamos y nos divertimos un poco mientras aprendemos técnicas para cantar bonito.

En este vídeo aparece la respiración combinada con el levantamiento de hombros causando tensión y luego mientras botamos el aire generamos distensión o relajación en nuestros hombros y cuello, dicha tensión es apropiada para comenzar a cantar.


First of all it is necessary to say that we are grateful to the people who follow the publications of our blog.
In this opportunity we bring to share a short and simple post where we show a short video showing our children doing part of the exercises we use before singing, are breathing and relaxation exercises that our teacher teaches us, with that we sing, laugh, play and have a little fun while we learn techniques to sing well.

In this video the breathing combined with the lifting of the shoulders causes tension and then while we blow the air we generate distension or relaxation in our shoulders and neck, this tension is appropriate to start singing .

Thank you for reading, WE ARE LA KANTORíA


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Oh this is VERY cool! Yes, showing the process of release of tension and the EXhalation is wonderful. I'm seeing this post just before yoga class and smiling cos that's what we do for the first 10 minutes of yoga too - we EXhhale and release tension and "prepare the canvas", if you will, for some new and beautiful creation.

We could-should ALL do this, every day, before just about everything!

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24.11.2019 02:27

Dear friend @artemislives
I knew that you would be happy to see this work, we always do it before singing, I remember that our master confessed to us that he does it since he was very young, he learned this technique of relaxation, breathing, concentration, and focusing from a master who studied outside our country.
Here in Venezuela, many people still don't believe in this method, they believe that it is part of a ritual of sorcery, or something like that.
Currently only some masters teach this breathing technique before singing, but it is also good for dance, theater and so many other things, as you say, for everything is good....
**I particularly think that if it's part of a ritual, it's a very beautiful ritual that makes us sing like angels, and if it works, it's perfect.

24.11.2019 04:22

Looks like a fantastic way to get everyone relaxed and ready to sing!!

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24.11.2019 13:52

i use this to relax my shoulders and neck too it works great

24.11.2019 14:32

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24.11.2019 15:14

looks like i need some of those after work
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24.11.2019 15:34

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24.11.2019 15:34

Oh this is fanstatic really

24.11.2019 15:41

A very nice project.

24.11.2019 18:19
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