Will another Steemian bite the dust?


I am not really sure, but that moment is coming closer. Let me first say that I am in a dark mood. This comes from too much real life drama (luckily nothing too serious but still a pain in the ass and sometimes to keep the brain doing overtime) and a lack of sleep. Not necessarily related to the real life drama! During those moments people do look at things going on their life with a different perspective.
And that is what I also did with steem!

I guess it is honest to say that I am not the best writer or blogger in the world! While I appear to be a great communicator with spoken language, lots of this quality gets lost when I do need to put things on paper. I do know that and I do acknowledge that! I do think that my writing qualities did approve but it is up to others to decide if the quality is above, on or under par! But I do put in almost all my post my heart and soul!

I have been writing almost daily since I did actively start on the steem blockchain in January 2018. This post will be number 859! In the meantime I did find time to write 9806 comments. Most of them genuine and straight from the heart!

But from time to time you need to ask if it is all worth it! And at the moment the answer is more a “no” than a “yes”. I don’t care much of the value of a post, I do more care about receiving comments.
An average post of mine (the main post of the day) would earn between $0.7 and $0.9. With the current 50/50 split, that is around 2.5 to 3 steem per day! But I do/did use the OCDC feature to increase the earning on my posts. They did had a great ROI! But this ROI is decreasing and sometimes negative. So I will not use it frequently anymore.
This all does put me with my feet back on the ground.

To be honest I was hoping that after HF21/22/23 I would be (re)discovered by some bigger account with a push in the back from time to time. Making it back worthwhile to put my heart and soul into my articles. I did have some support some time ago from an Orca, who was nice enough to put me on his autovoter list. Which did feel great and before posting a post, I knew that I would be rewarded for my efforts. But that of course also has another side. I did feel the urge to write a daily post, some of course with a lower quality then I would have wanted.
When I did became a Steem dolphin 2 months ago, I already decided that the world wouldn’t stop turning or the sun wouldn’t stop shinning if I didn’t post a post that day!
This decision did gave me some fresh energy. More or less the same as @exyle.

I still have the feeling that most of my post are of a decent enough quality, but if I do look around at lots of other post with in my opinion much lower quality and much bigger rewards, I do feel sad and maybe even pity! I do acknowledge that connections are vital on this platform and that one can be lucky to catch a big upvote, attract a bigger account and so on. I don’t like to call them upvote circles but more or less supporting friends or people you do appreciate. Connections are vital here on the Steem platform!
Smaller accounts now are trying to get in on time to upvote when a bigger account writes a post. These posts do have the most change to get above the linear reward curve. So they are more or less wasting their voting power on those, to get a nice curation reward in stead of finding great articles to vote on! (not referring to my shit posts. Mhh maybe my posts are just shit posts!)
I do really think that since HF21 the use of autovoters has increased. No evidence for this just a feeling. But one should use these to get a decent curation reward. Without you or more less the sitting duck!

I had to look way back to find an actifit post of myself on a day that I didn’t write a main post. And it was pity to see that these post do come very close income wise to a post in which I did invest time! So, why bother writing a decent post anymore.

But hey you were always telling that comments were important! Yes they are but then I am stumbling on a second problem I do have. I do/did belong to powerhousecreatives, which tries to reward the smaller bloggers on the block chain. It is a community with some rules. A side effect of these rules are that I do receive some comments. Some comments are just written because of the rules, so the question is do they count as a real genuine comment. Or is it more or less a genuine comment! That is one of the reasons that I decided to step down from the PHC community! Most those members will still appear on my feed and will get genuine comments and upvotes. I do want to thank @jaynie for the support she was giving me. I do consider here as one of the leading ladies of the Steem Blockchain! Sorry for making this decision!

So where do I stand now!
Not in the corner but also not in the middle of the ring. I will keep on blogging but the frequency will certainly drop and probably drop a lot! Maybe I have to think about writing about the daily Steemmonsters quest again on my main account in stead of my Steemmonster account! This would probably more rewarding than writing this with an account almost nobody follows. (See the connections are important) Than I could agree with the rewards my posts were getting.
If you do look at my posting value, only the two last posts are important. On the others the OCDB is used!

Do I regret all the effort and time I did spend on the steem blockchain! Hell no! I made some great friends. With some I do have a daily conversation on Discord! So no regret at all.
I am jealous on some other accounts with some great rewards. No, I am not. Probably they did something which did grant them the support!
But I am just not willing anymore to put day after day my heart and soul into steem without being noticed! My real life is just too precious for this!

So this no goodbye, but there will be just a lot less Hello’s from now on!
And maybe the value of my posts do reflect the quality of my posts but for sure they don’t reflect the time invested in them!
And no this decision is not directly related with HF21. I did see some daily posters quitting because of the HF but I have been posting when my rewards were higher but also a lot lower!
From now on I wont run my blog anymore as a business, so I will not consider my readers anymore as customers! I will just use the blog to write something if I want and the ones who are interesting into reading it and leaving a comments your are very much welcome!


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~Smartsteem Curation Team

05.09.2019 11:53

Its not often I read so long blogtext in steemit But Today I did. I agree with you and your argumentation.
Its all about what you get (not money) and what to give (time).
Thats why I time to time take longer breaks from steemmonsters.

Thanks for all Good posts! I like shorter posts (more like facebook) too so I Will still follow and read

05.09.2019 12:06
05.09.2019 12:13

i really don't comment much but i was here :)

05.09.2019 11:58

Thx for being here! And I also will still be here! Only not that frequent anymore!

05.09.2019 12:02

You may be better off. I kinda get sick of the accounts on my feed that post daily, twice a day etc.

I would rather see a really good post come once a week or so.

hit me up with a comment next time you write something, i'll come have a look, thanks

05.09.2019 12:09

Can't agree more!

05.09.2019 12:13

Lol I was pretty much of the same mindset, trying to turn my blog into some sort of weird mining business. Now that I've hit my sorta goal of dolphin I think that part of me is dead too and the HF also came just in time. Now I'm just using it as a social media tool and I think I'll get a lot more out of it going forward. Rewarding users and encouraging them to create cool stuff I enjoy

05.09.2019 12:01

Let's curate together! :)
For the moment that is more rewarding than posting, for me at least!

05.09.2019 12:14

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05.09.2019 12:02

Sorry. My comment happens to be at the Others reply. See there

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05.09.2019 12:10

No worries. Did find it!

05.09.2019 12:15

Its all about the big accounts now. Quality does not matter anymore. Its like you said about having the right connections.

05.09.2019 12:16

It for sure is. And while I do want to write genuine comments, even on the Orca and whales accounts, I do want to fish for upvotes. People do like my content or not!
And if it is not up to par, they all have 2.5 free downvotes per day!

05.09.2019 12:22

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

It is decidedly so

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

05.09.2019 12:25

Writing daily content can cause quite the burnout. A while ago I stepped down to just trying to do 3 a week. If I happen to write more or less it’s not a big deal. Some content just takes a lot longer to get out than expected while others not so much.

Steem is going be a very long term thing. It’s not a sprint but a marathon. There will be good years and bad years. Regardless of those that follow their passions and have fun while doing so are going to be the real winners.

I always tell people to write to the length and breadth they can sustain in the long run. Doing anything other than that is just pure madness!

05.09.2019 12:38

That’s true. But when you put in so much effort in writing a post, it is demotivating to see that a post of 10 lines gets a higher reward!

05.09.2019 13:07

Many similar thoughts from many members of the community as of late. While I am also reflecting, I am giving it some more time as I still enjoy engaging around the ecosystem and particularly playing Splinterlands which is where most of my focus has gone lately. Time will tell!

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05.09.2019 12:52

I won’t be gone. I will just shift my focus. Will post daily with my sm account about the daily quests.
Still having great discussions here, I will just offer a platform for these discussions less often!

05.09.2019 13:04

Smaller accounts now are trying to get in on time to upvote when a bigger account writes a post.

Since you’re now a dolphin, you are one of those bigger accounts that the smaller accounts are looking to vote on. 😉

05.09.2019 12:53

That is a part of my plan!

05.09.2019 13:04

I have a lot of the same feelings that you do. Comments are pretty much non existent these days. I get the same five or so people commenting on my posts and I truly do value them. I feel like my content is pretty good too. I really wish there was more interaction but at the end of the day, I think we would all be lying if we weren't hoping to make something here too.

So far, my curation rewards haven't been much better than they were before the HF. I hope that changes as the weeks go by.

05.09.2019 13:27

My curation rewards are around 50% higher. But the decrease in author rewards are not covered by them.

Indeed comments are underrewarded! I feels like hiting the jackpot when a genuine comment is posted!
And yes, we all had some steem dreams!

05.09.2019 13:31

I think comments are going to be even less so, now that the dust level is so much higher. I was never able to upvote comments more than about 30% anyway, but after the changes now, that isn't even worth it. I know many people have stopped upvoting comments and instead they visit the persons blog and try to upvote a couple of their recent posts. My problem is like I said, I get the comments from the same five people that I already auto vote anyway! :)

05.09.2019 13:34

You just had a new one! I will try to write more comments. It is easier than writing a post and less time consuming.
Enjoy the football season! Will try to follow your progress during the fantasy league!

05.09.2019 13:38

Thanks! I appreciate it!

05.09.2019 14:45

Mate, same feelings here...you know what? We should not feel as obliged to post good quality post! If I want to share a pic of myself drinking a beer I will do...anyway! I’m sometimes more inspired than others so...I try to not care so much about my rewards...I earn some of palnet, Leo... which I use if I think the post deserves it and that’s all...I have never used bots...well only a bunch of times in the past and so would no use them, even if @ocdfhjkl whatever the name says they upvote good quality content...this is a bullshit...
I try to be very quiet on this topic...you know, if an orca or a whale consider that my post is worth, perfect, if not, perfect as well...
I think we should consider ENGAGEMENT also al a measure of quality and not the content of the post because, sometimes, watching just a pic and a message it is much better than reading an extensive article of writters who post 5 times a day saying same things every time and at the same time saying nothing...
Sometimes I don’t have such a time to digest the good quality of @ocdfh whatever name upvoted post, and I prefer to post shorter ones
Have a !BEER man and relax, keep engaging and posting...you are a good steemian despite the shit of rewards now...
Bitcoin will relaunch all the altcoins prices up, also STEEM, and you will have a good amount at that time...in the meantime, please, enjoy steeming

05.09.2019 14:33

Well the problem that I do have of you posting a !beer is that it makes me thirsty 🍺
Still no clue how this beer thing works. I have 9 staked and now I do have 10. So I should be able to give one back.
For the rest I do agree with you!

05.09.2019 14:40

To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @fullcoverbetting, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our BEER Crowdfunding
05.09.2019 14:33

Write about what you want to write about and quit thinking about it as an immediate return. You mentioned you have great oral communication skills, I'm sure Steem has helped improve your writing.

I do look around at lots of other post with in my opinion much lower quality and much bigger rewards, I do feel sad and maybe even pity

Who cares about other posts. When I look around and see nicer cars, houses, clothing etc. on people I don't get jealous. They're no smarter or better than you or I, they just do things differently.

Sure you can pear into someone's Steem wallet and think, my aren't they rich but you don't know what their credit card and bank account looks like. Maybe they're maxed out and living in a dump.

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05.09.2019 14:47

Who cares about other posts. When I look around and see nicer cars, houses, clothing etc. on people I don't get jealous.
That hits the nail on its head. I am always looking at myself. I do grant everybody what he has or got, as long as it was accuired in a decent way :)


06.09.2019 08:23

Hey mate,

Same feeling here, I will read / curate more and post less. I believe we should only produce content when we feel like it and not as an everyday activity.

Keep it up, and hang on !

It will get better :D

05.09.2019 14:49

Thx Mate!

05.09.2019 15:02

Trying out @esteemapp

05.09.2019 16:01

I always liked your stuff and enjoyed our conversations. I understand the sentiment of posting less because of the shifting rewards and blockchain focus.

I am using this time of severely discounted stake as a time to build my real life business and check out a few of the curation communities. #powerhousecreatives will hopefully alway be my steem fam and the bridges I build to and from great groups like #innerblocks, #marlians, @curangel, and all the rest will be rewarding. Today? Nah. Tomorrow? Probs my not.

Eventually? Yah. And I will just network, curate and post daily now as a charitable contribution and know it will pay in the future.

Keep posting and interacting bro!

Posted using Partiko iOS

05.09.2019 16:37

Thx for the warm words @zekepickleman.
I will!

06.09.2019 08:21

What I was predicting before the forks was that we would go back to more "content mills" Where people get rewarded just for pumping out one or two posts / day that are mainly paraphrasing Popular Science articles or CoinDesk or CoinTelegraph articles. Just cookie cutter content that investors can dog pile onto to get curation rewards....etc. Like it gets even further away from actual real world content or things that are unique. It is just a value extraction game.

05.09.2019 18:13

It for sure is. Time will tell how things will evolve here. As long as I enjoy myself I will be around!

06.09.2019 08:20

I'm still going to thug it out and never leave. LOL

06.09.2019 14:45

another is biting the dust!! ahhhww total bummer dude but somewhere along the line...I get ya...the rewards arent all that, which is okay because steemprice is low but..interaction is at its lowest and that was where all the fun intially began! I will still be posting, but my week AWOL last week together with the HF also tells the same story

05.09.2019 18:29

I do hope that the interaction will increase. I will do my part of this.
I going back to the basic and engage more. So we will keep on stumbling on each other :)

06.09.2019 08:20

Part of the support I'm getting is from going to meet-ups which cost me hundreds of Euros which I could also have used to buy STEEM, become a bigger account, and now get bigger curation rewards for having more Steem Power - it's an interesting circle here on Steem.

Ironically you got a nice upvote just now from smartsteem which used to only be a bidbot before :D Ha!

Anyway, you can only spend your time once, so if you feel like doing other stuff do so :-) I hope to see you writing here from time to time, but maybe the pressure is off now and you can enjoy it more :-)


05.09.2019 22:49

Hi @soyrosa,
I do understand why you are getting support and you did great things to get this support. I am not jealous on this, mmh maybe I am :)
I didn't want to target users who go the extra mile for Steem.
Indeed the upvote from smartsteem was a big surprise.
I will keep on writing, I will keep on engaging. But there will be a shift from writing to commenting and curating. As long as I enjoy myself I will stick here!


06.09.2019 08:17

YAY! Do what you need to do and just enjoy it - that's the best way. If it feels like homework leave it be ;-) I'm doing the same currently as I feel other aspects of my life need more attention :-)Posted with

06.09.2019 21:56

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