Trying to see how far I can get with the Betfury Faucet! BTC and BNB faucet!

I really do like gambling, but I also am very well aware that the house always wins. So in stead of investing own money, I created an account on Betfury just to claim their BTC and BNB faucet and see if I can turn this into a secondary income! Probably not, but besides time I have nothing to loose :) And that is the way I do like it!
In this case if the house wins, they only do win back their own money:)

Betfury Faucet

BFG Faucet.png

Betfury currently has 2 faucets running. One for BTC and one for BNB. I do think that the idea behind it is multiple. Such faucet of course do attract new customers for their gambling dapp and compared with the withdrawal limits it can take ages before you will reach that limit.

Each 20 minutes you can claim 1.25 Satoshi and 0.00000275 BNB. So let's suppose that you do claim it 10 times per day, you will earn 12.5 Satishi and 0.00002750 BNB. Peanuts but what else can you expect.

I was lucky to start the account in feb when the faucets where a little bit higher!

My plan

Well the plan is for sure to increase my stakes in their native BFG token. By having this BFG token, you do get a part of the daily divs. These divs are paid out in BTC, ETH, BTT, USDT, TRX and BNB.

Not immediately because you will first need to earn 10 BFG before you get a share of the div pool!

So I will try to claim as much of the Faucet as I can on a daily basis. Read that is when I do think of it. I will try to gamble those earning to make a profit on the BTC and BNB on one side and to increase the BFG. Hard enough I can tell you. The safety net is of course the daily div income.

At the moment I do have 131.54 BFG which gives me the daily earnings as stating below.
Like I did write this isn't much at all, but it is free money and should increase on a daily basis, if I do play.

I will report back on a 2 weeks basis as long as the experiment will run. Which should be ever lasting due to the daily faucet and div income.

I will not set any targets and just go with the flow. There is no pressure at all.

My starting point

After 2 months of doing this on a not so regular basis I have the following amount in my pocket:
BTC: 366 Satoshi (0.17 euro)
ETH: 0.00003775 (0.10 euro)
BNB: 0.00073588 (0.38 euro)
TRX: 2.53 (0.33 euro)
USDT: 0.024 (0.02 euro)
BTT: 3.218

Total value of the wallet: 1.01 euro!

BFG: 131.54 (priceless :))

My estimated daily div pool income at the moment:

BFG Div.png

So more or less nothing, but if BTC really can go to $1M it could be worth the hassle and effort :)

If you do want to join me in this challenge, feel free to use my referral link:
Also feel free to use the bfgchallenge tag, so we can see who can pull this off.


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