Harassment and Censorship by themarkymark continues. Now flagging everything I post for no reason

Their intent to drive me off of steemit continues to show it's ugly head. I post original content I get flagged, I post links to my own posts elsewhere I get flagged. I make videos just for steemit I get flagged. This is why so many people have left steemit already and continue to leave. Just look at the damn price of steem. I had over 100000.00 invested at one point. Now it's not even worth 8000. This guy is getting paid every minute to do this too. They don't have to do a damn thing but setup a server and watch the money roll in. Then they tell you you should have never made anything for all the hard work you put into steemit.

They would probably throw a party if I did have a heart attack or stroke from the stress this harassment is causing me. Don't worry they will censor this too.

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I see 11 posts within one day. It is not possible to make 11 posts within one day - never mind create videos and so forth; are you certain this is not why he is flagging you?

I hate flagging by anyone, so I upvoted (sorry, value is zero), but I confess I am not comfortable with what I am seeing. I do not particularly like tmm, but he is not an evil bully like bs, so I would want to see from him why this is happening, before taking a stand.

14.08.2019 09:45

I've spent the last 3 nights doing nothing by making videos to post. I was just about to upload some to post tomorrow. He even tired to censor my post about what the harassment is doing to me. A post I put time into. They do not want me making anything on steem. They will do whatever it takes to get me to quit using steem/steemit. Even if I moved to another site on the steem blockchain the harassment would continue. My investment has been rendered useless. That is another crime. I'm just waiting on my attorney to get back from traveling to find out how to actually file the charges. The law doesn't tell you that part.

14.08.2019 09:52

BTW I just started uploading the videos I made in the last 12 hours. There are 13 of them. I also took several photos today. I still have videos from last night too. It doesn't take long to do this stuff. If I didn't take have to take a nap due to the lack of sleep and do some house work I could have easily made 20 videos.

14.08.2019 10:03

If you read the Q&A page of Steemit, you would see that they specifically caution us not to make too many posts a day, as it loses you all your regular readers/viewers.

For instance, if I saw on YT that someone I liked is puting up 5 videos a day, I would give up on him and move on to other videos. I just do not have the time to devote that much time to one source of videos or articles.

15.08.2019 15:26

That's probably left over from the time when if you made more than 4 posts in a day the rewards on them were diminished. That was removed years ago though. Then there was no limit. Now it's based on resource credits.

15.08.2019 17:41

You obviously did not understand what I said...and I thought I had spelt it out clearly.

I did not speak of rewards or of what is allowed. I even gave an example of a You Tube channel, telling you that if someone posts too many times a day, people lose interest.

Here, at Steemit, people are faced with too many posts a day for them to see all, so they'll choose a few fvourites and maybe spend a bit of time sampling a few unknowns. By you posting so many times a day, it is as if you are saying, do not bother with anyone else, stay here.

In a vague sense, it could be said that you are spamming when you try to take up so much space...and I will also confess, when I saw your blog home page, I was tempted to look at a few, but then I realised they are all from one day of posting and I gave - so I did not bother to look at even one.

I am not telling you what to do, it is just that I find it a piity that you will not make a big success of your posts on this platform.

Good luck

15.08.2019 20:14

I provide different types of content. I don't try to target one type of audience. I do some crypto stuff, I do my photo blog, I do some other photos. I started a garden blog for people that like that stuff. I now went to doing some game videos for people that like to watch those. I don't try to cater to just one group of people. If they like it they like it. If they don't they don't. At least I tried to provide something of value.

15.08.2019 20:56

@arthur.grafo4 He is a disgusting piece of shit and would not be flagging anyone unless he thought his lord and master bernie would be pleased. He is been bought and paid for which makes him a rent boy

14.08.2019 10:24

Yeah he is right, they do same thing to me! Just gets us mad so we post more and not our fault. 11 posts is no big deal!

15.08.2019 02:29

I agree with you. These posts of yours shouldn’t have got flagged. Steem is full of content that is of lower value than yours and yours isn’t even taking much value. Systematically downvoting anything some particular author posts is abuse. I took away my witness vote from him.

14.08.2019 09:53

Thank you for doing that. It's a targeted attack against me. Spread lies, downvote to hide the truth. They think because they are or have backing from a witness they can do whatever they want. Power corrupts.

14.08.2019 09:57

I agree too , @themarkymark is out of control . Check his main accounts to see real shit-posts , copy-pasting and spamming .

14.08.2019 14:37

I believe it, happened to me! They won’t let down!

14.08.2019 23:39

You are right, he is abusive and should be no where even close to the top twenty

14.08.2019 10:27

He's a spammer and self votes 100% with 100% efficiency posting 10-30+ times a day and I sacrificing my stake to do something about it. Good logic, makes you wonder why we are approaching $0.10.

14.08.2019 19:03



14.08.2019 20:26

what up buddy ?

14.08.2019 20:27

are you broke or something ?

14.08.2019 20:28

Where did you get censored?

I see all your shit posts just fine.

I removed your rewards, that is not the same as censorship. If you are going to make 20 posts crying like a baby, you should at least get t right.

Oh, the irony is delicious..

14.08.2019 14:29

☝️ liar and thief

14.08.2019 14:39

@berniescammers and @themarkycrook will go to jail soon

14.08.2019 16:36

Yeah I got censored bitches! So both of you STFU!

15.08.2019 02:51

The reason you claim that it is not censorship is because you are a fucking moron.

I know the truth is difficult for you but you will need to grow up eventually.
Big Daddy @ngc wont be there to protect you forever : (

15.08.2019 03:55

Resteemed, very important!

14.08.2019 23:38