Introducing Myself

Hello, my name is Dr. Zohra. To introduce myself on this platform I would like to mention that I am a medical doctor by profession and serving people in their most vulnerable moments and helping them get out of their difficulties.

Medicine is something I can relate to myself from the core of my heart. I would like to progress my career toward psychiatry as this subject is fascinating and challenging in my point of view. Currently, I am working in a beautiful country in South Asia named the Maldives.


When it comes to hobbies and passion, I don’t have plenty to share but only a few that interests me on a deeper level.

First of all, from my childhood, I am passionate about photography and nature photos are my main focus. Beauty lies in every single creation of God and if you are keen to find it, you will see even grass contains lots of things to amaze you. The beauty of nature touches my soul and keeps me inspired to explore it to a further level.


Secondly, I love to learn new languages and explore new cultures. Currently, I speak 4 languages including English.

My enthusiasm doesn’t have any limit when it comes to learning different English accents and dialects, grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and so on. Learning English as a non-native and get rid of the accent and acquiring a new accent is always difficult. I always like to go after difficult task and to achieve it. It enriches my knowledge and helps me to become more resilient while going through this process even if I fail.


I like to read a lot of related books from different authentic resources. In short, my journey of English is never-ending and I have a goal to help others with their English as well. At this moment I only speak 2 English accents which are American and British accent.


Last but not least, Travelling is something that I always enjoy and I would never get tired of it I believe. Especially travelling all around the world is one of my biggest dreams I would say.


Male City, Maldives


So all the hobbies and passion of mine are interrelated somehow. Travelling abroad opens a great opportunity to come across a new culture and exploring their languages. To make communication smooth enough, learning English is an essential tool. When I would travel to many countries, it would allow me to enjoy the beauty of vibrant nature and capture photos to keep it as a memory.

So far, my plan is to share posts on Medicine, English Language Learning, Nature Photography, Travelling and my other life experiences.

I am glad to be a part of this community and hope you all will support me on this journey.

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