My Flower Photographs.


Welcome to my blog once again my steemain friends.

Hope You all are well and sound by the grace of Almighty.

In my today's blog, I'm going to share some of my beautiful flower photographs. These photos were captured by me using my mobile phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 7s.
Everyday at the afternoon I used to go outside for a walk. I walk 2-3km everyday. Sometimes I walk with my friends and sometimes I had to walk alone. Yesterday, I was also walking on the road. Then I've captured some flowers.
_They are not something like special or common flower. All of them are street flowers. They used to grow beside the road and too small in size.
I'm watching them since I was a child, but I still don't know their name. But, I don't care whatever they are. They seem beautiful to me. Also the sun in the background of some of them made it more beautiful I hope._

Thank You For Reading My Blog.


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Nice photography👌👌👌

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