Golden Memories of Childhood.

Hello everyone.

How are you all?

Hope that you all are well and sound by the grace of ALLAH.

As you all know, actually those who follow me. I always post gaming and photography content. But, todays post will be something else. Today, I'm also going to share some photos. But, they are not the nature photography I always share. Just some pictures of some boys playing in the road with a pushing vehicle made by themselves.

Its been almost a month since I've captured those pictures. They remember me my childhood. When I was a child. These happy and golden memories. I was out for a walk at the afternoon. Then I saw those boys playing. This a car made by using damaged bearings and wood. When I was a child, I also used to make them and play with them. It's also not so easy, its too risky. But, it was the most enjoying thing for me. I don't even have the count that how many times I have messed up my knees and elbow by falling from this. After one major accident my father broke it and didn't let me to make it again.
There was a lot of things we did that the children of this time has no idea about. They are all just busy with internet and electronic devices. We used to make our own playing materials with anything could find. Most of the games were outdoor games. Indoor games were boring for us. In the night, sometimes electricity had gone due to load-shedding. We all children used to came out of house and sit in the yard and used to tell stories one by one. We used to swim, run etc. Just enjoyed the life with the nature. No digital technology, but our life was really cool without them. These time of childhood was really wonderful. There was freedom. I remember that when I was a child I always wanted to be big soon. And my mom used to tell me that if I want to be big soon I need to study more. She used this dialogue to make me study. But, after being a man, I always want to be a child again. Then there was no responsibility, no pressure only freedom. Now it has totally changed. You have a lot of others to take care and look after. But as a child everyone used to look after you, take care of you, you just need to ask whatever you need and your parents are going to get it for you. But, there must be someone to take care of children’s. Once someone took care of me and now I have to take care of other. That's how the chain goes. Also, my parents took care of me when I was a child and when the will become too old then I will have to take care of them. It's like give and take. It's really true that I miss my memories of when I was a child. But I think accepting the present will be good for me. But, there are always some memories you can't forget. You have to live with them. Some of them maybe discourage to live, but maximum can give you the rage of struggling in your life, help you to get through hard tasks that life gives you everytime.
I don’t know about others but I can't forget the memories of childhood.

So, guys. That's all for today's blog.

Hope you enjoyed my post.🙂🙂

I don’t know how much I could explain in this post. But, I tried my best. There are some feelings you can't just explain in writing. You can just feel them.

Thanks For Your Time❤❤

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