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Hello everyone on steemit.

How are you guys.

Hope that you all are well by the grace of The Almighty.
In this video I was playing Splinterlands. The top game of steem blockchain.
I used death summoner in this match. And the rules of combat was Earthquake

_Actually, I'm sharing this match because @splinterlands has also asked three questions about the match, which you must answers to participate in the contest.

So, here are my answers.↓↓↓

1. As I don't have any good flying cards I had to use these cards. I have a card named Enchanted Pixie. Which is a flying card and have magic ability. So I used this card there. Because of 'The Cockatrice' can not perform better in level one, I didn't used it . I thought that my other cards could finish the match and the damage of earthquake will not be a big matter.

2. No, my strategy didn’t work. I lost the battle. Next time I wold try to use more flying cards in earthquake ruled match.

3. To be honest, I really hate the ruleset. This is the only rule of 'Splinterlands' I hate the most. I cannot use my high level cards or my favourite cards. Even I used them they die because of the damage of earthquake. Also there are not much flying cards. I had to use normal cards that will take damage in this ruleset. Thats why I didn’t like it.

Whatever, splinterlands is one of the best game ever. Not because you can earn form it also it is so much entertaining. There are so many cards with so much abilities also a lot of summoners.
Also earning is the best plus point of this game
You can pass you time by playing it and also earn by winning the matches. You can earn more by trading the cards in the game card market.
**But, I hope it would be batter if @splinterlands to get updates about my posts.


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You can also join these two community on discord.



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Dude. I also don't love the Earthquake ruleset. However, I do see that as your increase the levels of your monsters and summoners it's not as painful. But yes, playing this ruleset in early levels is BRUTAL, especially with no flying monsters.

To be fair to you, the other team was a bit stronger anyway.

Keep playing! Keep having fun! Thanks for sharing!


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