My favorite season: Summer Season


Hello Good day everyone! This is fruityapple00 and I am from Cebu Philippines. Thank you so much for initiating this beautiful contest @beautycreativity .

What is my favorite season?:

  • My favorite season is Summer because of the warm weather, well maybe sometimes it is too hot in Philippines but I like it because when it is hot season my parents and us wouldn’t be having a problem in the house when there is rain because it will cause house floods and they don’t have any space for their room to sleep but to sleep in the louncher chair and it is sadly seeing them that they’re not comfortable of sleeping with floods in the house.
  • I also love summer season because it is more fun having a trip in summer , it is like an endless fun for me . Summer is really the best season for me because we can get easily hangout and getting together with friends and family outdoor like picnic , can play in the playground park , go for a run , bike ride , can do camping , go to the beach and also Hiking .

picnic with kids


Go for a run


play ground park






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@fruityapple00 thanks for the participation in Your Favourite Season. Wish you the best of luck

18.07.2021 13:13

Comparto tu opinión también adoro el verano es lo máximo.

24.07.2021 23:03