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The dairygame betterlife 11/04/2021

I hope you are all well and living your life in a very good way and I wish you happiness and all sorrows in your life...
I got up early this morning and I exercised in the morning then I came back home then I had breakfast then I took a shower and changed my clothes...
Then my dad said we have to go get a fan so I left work and I went to the market with him to buy a fan.


We had to buy a fan because the heat causes the temperature to rise too much so the heat is unbearable.We used to have fans in our house but they didn't give us much cool air so we thought we should have a fan that doesn't feel too hot and that fan got cooler....
This shopkeeper showed us a lot of different types of fans but we liked one fan very much so we bought that fan.


This shop was made by my friends so we decided to go to him. When we reached his shop he was very happy and he ordered a bottle for us and we all drank that bottle. Later my friend said I will feed you so we refused to eat..
And my friend advised me to take this fan because this fan is used by the main house itself and it is very nice and its air is very cool so you trust me this fan. Take it away...



In addition to feathers, he had many other things in the shop that are used in daily life and all the things he had were of very good and high quality...
We bought our fan and came back home. Then we called an electrician and he turned on the fan for us because we didn't know much about electronic work so he gave us this fan. Done and we will all be very happy and thanked the electrician..

I hope you enjoyed this diary of mine today and you will continue to cooperate with me in the same way. I will keep posting good posts. I request you to comment on my post and vote on it. Thanks

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Salam o alikum steem passion member


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