I saw this and had to share... Some very valid points

There has been some speculation about the future of Artificial Intelligence and the potentially harmful effect it could have on humanity if it’s left unchecked and uncontrolled.
If you really think about it though, this time is already here; A.I. has already won, and it’s our fault. Facebook’s algorithms are already choosing what to show you based on your previous searches, places you’ve been, things you’ve typed, and so on…
If you look at the things that are ‘blocked’ or ‘reported’ on this one platform alone - they are: reason, logic, truth, compassion etc, and the things you are ‘allowed’ to see are things like hate, anger, stupidity, racism and anti-science.
In this regard, AI has already won, but it’s our own fault for allowing this to happen.
In my opinion, It may be too late for us humans already but we, as humans, would do well to remember that WE MADE THE INTERNET. We commissioned it with the goal of making our lives easier; to make learning, understanding and communicating more efficient.
Instead, over time, the over-load of information has totally overwhelmed our collective intelligence. We can’t tell what’s true or fake anymore. There are deep-fake networks where an A.I. generates human faces and you are guaranteed to not know whether these people are real or not.
In the very near future, there will be videos of your favourite celebrity telling you how to bleach your bum safely and you WILL take it for granted that they are the real deal – and you WILL be wrong!
With this in mind, I urge you to distance yourself slightly from this madness and reconsider your own humanity. You are still in control (for the time being) ; DO NOT lose it completely. Interact with friends, family, and neighbours.
Don’t lose your humanity.
We have come so far as a species and it’d be a shame to lose it all with everybody being so aloof and disconnected because the internet of things has made you believe that YOU are so ‘unique’ and so ‘special’ that you stand alone in your beliefs and thoughts, and that ‘nobody will ever understand you’.
You ARE unique, but that’s what makes you special and a part of humanity in the first place. Humanities’ collective effort is what’s made us a success, NOT individual efforts (for the most part – sorry Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton and co…)
On the other hand, A.I can’t distinguish between fact, fiction, truth, lies, sarcasm, innuendo etc (all the things that make us human), so I think it would be wise to NOT put these types of things online because we are allowing A.I to make the wrong assumptions about us.
I genuinely feel that we shouldn’t be sharing obviously fake comments or typing remarks sarcastically, or even joking about flat-earth or other ridiculous notions simply because the AI doesn’t know any better and will continue to exacerbate the problem.
We need to start being VERY cautious about how we write, say and speak things online because if we’re not, we are simply handing over the wrong perception of who we are to our future overlords.
What do you think? Is it too late for us already?
Should humans build future A.I with open circuitry and always keep a glass of water handy?
Or should we forego our weakened, soft, squidgy bodies’ and rush headlong into the singularity?

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