Why Are You Not Curating Through @thedailysneak? Get SBI And Help Channels Get Seen!

I am new on Steemit and I do not know all the quirks and corks of the platform. The one thing I have heard is that many small channels are giving up and leaving because they do not get their posts seen. That is a shame when you have @thedailysneak here to help these small channels get seen.

You know of a small channel that is working hard to but out quality content curate then with @thedailysneak. They will get an upvote and a resteem and some SBI, in turn You will also get some SBI. It is a win-win, how easy is that. Some will say that getting SBI will hurt my posts because of all the downvoting. Really, if we as a group of people that have SBI and support the SBI project all come together it will not be a problem. As a group we are stronger than one account downvoting posts. Rally around the SBI project and make it stronger. Never mind the one person trying to destroy something that is good on this platform!


Here is a @thedailysneak post that was posted from the posts I curated. In this post, if you do not know how to use thedailysneak, it will explain to you how to do so. Like I said before it is a win-win situation. So lets get the smaller channels seen and use this to encourage users to make quality posts.

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