My Bug Out Chronicles: the power of teamwork

When it comes to any sort of major undertaking, it is important to work well with the people you are with. I am so lucky to be on this adventure with Stacie D! (Yep, that line will get me points with her!)

Seriously though, this whole thing really holds together with teamwork. Everyone sort of knows there part, and we try to work toward our strengths.

I stick with packing and space saving type things, and planning big picture stuff. Stacie D handles the more day to day and the details. So I will build the shelves, but she will fill them however she sees fit.

So teamwork isn't just about the physical getting things done. There is also an emotional factor. The kids are troopers and hard workers, and you know how teenagers can be. Sometimes they are just bleh, but for the most part they are in really high spirits.

Everyone is excited to get where we are going. We are headed for tall trees and clear water. We aren't rushing rushing, we are just going with purpose. After spending so long in a place that didn't feel will just feel nice to feel some peace.

Life is an adventure, and we are all in!

Be well
~The Yeti

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