Trouble #22


Our dear friends @submedia have put out another sedition of Trouble.

If you are from the right side of the tracks, support law and order, and pay your taxes, it is unlikely that your confirmation biases will let you watch this.

However, if your are from the right side of the tracts and empathize with real people, this is just for you! has been providing hard hitting video for more than a decade.
They are big in Montreal.

They also have contacts across the world.

Please take few minutes, 36, to watch their slant on what is happening around you, and in your name, if you pay tax, or hold allegiance to the united snakes.

This is why we can't have nice things,....
I blame the dev's.

Click this link to watch on their page.

Or, watch it on utub.

If you want to support, send them some steem.
Maybe they will come back and tap us into the larger organizers, and make us famous, too!

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