SurvivalSaturday #38: Minimal Brain Damage pt2

This week's excerpt continues where last week's left off.

It continues to expand on the early brain formation of infants.

Get the whole story.






If you are looking to raise your children outside the established matrix, then you can do no better than to seek your knowledge from outside the approved sources.

If you want them, and you, to think for yourselves, then you have to look in the dark corners of the interwebz to find the really good stuff.

The matrix doesn't want you learning how to think for yourself, it wants you to relax, lie back, and accept the interface.
Relax, tyranny will do your thinking for you!

If you are a blue pill kind of person, then you should embrace that.
But, if you have any love of freedom lurking in the further recesses of your mind, then you got to get your data from somewhere off the beaten track.

If being a social revolutionary was easy, it wouldn't be cool.
Everybody would be doing it.

But you, dear reader, have the wonderful experience of having encountered me.
I have left the beaten path a very long time ago.
I never really understood why folks felt the need to comply when freedom required dissent.
It still doesn't make much sense to me.

I just do what I do, you will have to do the same.

Comments 6

''How did i get picked as the lucky one?''
A number of reasons:
1 You are being put through a process of normalizing abusing your fellow account holders without questioning your actions.

2 While you were ingratiating yourself to @themarkymark by trivializing his obvious abuse. I was actually doing something in terms of challenging the many abuses which at time included an insane amount of abusive spam from the @berniesanders group of accounts.
within a few weeks of opening my @joe.public account i noticed that @themarkymark was never far away from the berniesanders abuse and he was running cover along with a few other. So while I was spamming the spam I included mentioning the support @themarkymark was giving to the abuse.

3 You were extremely bad mannered.

4 You are the first civilian who has given me the gift of a Red Flag the rest have been directly for ether the @berniesanders group of accounts and the @themarkymark group of accounts with the exception of the one flag received from @enforcer48 while conditioning you into fulfilling your new role as useful idiot.

''The price is coming back, that tells me we must be doing something right.''
Do you seriously believe that the recent price increase is due to new investment that has arisen because more people are being driven off the platform due to abuse? Don't be so ridiculous

The rest is of your comment was unintelligible.
Its not me that produces endless copy past post with some commentary thrown in or the continually recycled boring memes for the last three or more years.

I have been putting effort into changing the amount of abuse not sucking up to the abusers and trivializing it like yourself.

I only post when i have something to say. unlike yourself who has nothing to say but you keep pumping out the same crap every day.

09.02.2020 02:48

Well, that is certainly one way to look at it.

Now i know how i got into this mess, at least.
I follow @enforcer48 because he has been a long term spam fighter.
I trust his judgement, but i also review my flags, daily.

I speak up when i see things i don't like.

As for the one i won't name, he is a mixed grab bag of electric eels.
Without him, steem didn't launch.
Like it or not, his attention to steem has been ubiquitous from the start.
I trust that he thinks he is doing right, and acknowledge that i don't have the inside scoop to claim otherwise.
My guess is that he has been a net asset.

Without @themarkymark's flagging efforts i see even more people reaping the pool for maximum btc value.
Without him, and others, stopping some of the hemorrhaging of value from steem this would have collapsed by now.

Like it, or not, without those two steem is very different.
The dumping would have likely ended any hope.

Steem is a collective, nobody owns the chain.
We do better when we work together as a team, but good luck selling a crapitalust that game.
Dog eat dog, every man for himself competition has led us here.

3 You were extremely bad mannered.

I responded in kind, you don't have to like it.
I didn't much like it, either.

Do you seriously believe that the recent price increase is due to new investment,...

No, less dumping.
When folks stop selling for pennies the price must rise.
If nobody would sell below 5usd, we would be there now.
Spammers dump, rent seekers dump, flagging them is self defense.
They take bread from my mouth.

The rest is of your comment was unintelligible.

Excellent, you can't expect the blind to know what blue is.
Nor can you expect a man to recognize his wrongs when being right would take away his paycheck.

the continually recycled boring memes for the last three or more years.

Dang, i shouldn't have been making new ones each week?
I could've just recycled the old ones?

As to my newslinks, you see anybody else breaching these subjects?

Dr Sheldon Wolin on Totalitarian America,

I made it to 22 minutes.
You will excuse me if i have heard it all before.
I pierced the many veils many years ago.
If you like, i can link you to some of it.

Ps, tmm doesn't like me, that much.
I would never have been guilty of schmoozing with him.
The other one votes me from time to time, and has never burned my account to the ground, so i must not be all bad.
I've seen him burn one to -8, and when that account remediated his responses and content, he got up off of him.
So, not all bad, either.

09.02.2020 04:11

lol I am horrified, shocked and amused by your beliefs.
How any thinking person can believe all that and that all the bullshit flagging and manufactured flag wars is doing anything but fucking the platform, is beyond me.

It seems to me more likely that you know the truth and have made a conscious decision to tow the party line because you believe it is better for you personally. You have made yourself part of the mindless chain of command. I have seen how it goes for people who were going along with it, then learned the truth and tried to get out.

I have no respect for your stance and fail to see how you can possibly have any self respect.

Are you really so simple that do not understand how little money it take to pump up the price like that?

11.02.2020 05:11

I watch the volumes, they are running 4x what they were a couple months ago.

As for not suiciding on an unclimbable wall, it will make it all the sweeter when the minnows finally have their cannon that inflation is financing, but to get there one must survive.
(Things are improving.)
(Not that stinc's walkabout didn't cripple us.)

11.02.2020 19:11

Some things have improved and others have declined a lot.
Normalizing flags is proving to be as destructive to the adoption of Steemit, as was intended.

So give yourself a big pat on the back for playing your part in crushing accounts that dare to speak up and question the validity of some attacks made by @themarkymark or question the validity of flags given by other accounts who would prefer to remain unaccountable.

Yes you are good little Nazi, following orders like all good little Nazi boys and girls

12.02.2020 04:40

Yea, me!

12.02.2020 05:27